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Hi everyone...So sorry cos again and again, I didn't update my blog consistently...What a hectic months for me..I was busy with my work and some other activities...Actually, my schedule is full with programs...So, I consider this is one of the reason why I can't update my blog frequently....Duhhh..*sigH......

Another reason that I think really "stucked" me from updating my blog is "Facebook"...hahaha..If you still remember my previous post, I do blogged about this...Facebook really "tuned out" my mind...Sometimes, I feel like I'm addicted..hahaha....Can you believe that I need to browse my profile before go to bed...hahaha....and I think I did it everyday...*inda bulih jadi nie......lain ehhhh ahahaha

About my health, so far so good..but sometimes my asthma attacks...Ermmm...So, no choice, I still need to use my inhaler...

Additional, yesterday was my mom's 50th birthday...Happy birhtday mom....We always love you...

So, here I would like to dedicate this poem to my mom.

I find myself wondering...
Did I give you your due..
For all that you've done for me
Did I ever thank you?

For all of my childhood memories
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?

Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgement, courage, and being true
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared
Did I ever thank you?

If I have forgotten, I'm thanking you now
You taught me right from wrong....
I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew all along.

Happy 50th Birthday Mom....

So, last but not least, again, I want to say sorry to all my viewers for the lateness to update my blog...hehehe...*ada busy sikit bah bos....paham2 lah kio hehehhe

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  1. hi bob,

    nice to meet you..

    nice photograph, too

    Warm Regards,


  2. dedee-->alo there...nice to meet you also...