<< It's STiLL A PriZe >>

Sorry for this blurry image....hp buruk bah sia pakai.... :P

Another image of this voucher by Perodua

" 62002:From Perodua:Congratulations!U are one of the winner for Fill & Win Contest.Kindly collect ur petrol voucher at our K.Kinabalu1 Svc Branch (088-701141) "

This morning I received a message from Perodua saying that I won Fill & Win Contest. Felt surprised and happy at the same time...Few things running inside my mind...Is it Petrol Voucher for 3 years, or at least 1 year?....so, I guessed can save some money after won this contest. So, in the afternoon, I went to Perodua Service Centre at Bundusan Penampang to collect that voucher. When I reached there, I saw few persons also collecting their vouchers. After I signed here and there, then the person in charge gave me a piece of paper. It was the voucher. I looked at the amount...RM10....huhuhuhuhuhuh....so pathetic kan....hehehe...