SamuEL anD WoLLy WeDDinG Day

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RayNEr And NoeMI WeDDing Day

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WeasLEy And ELna WeDDinG Day

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I'm the boss...hehehe...Just give instruction to my other cousin how to bbq hahaha

While waiting for the fish to be cook....**SigH

The liquor of the day...

"Poginuman" table

Our special dish...Who dare to eat this hahaha...*I don't want to take any risk hahaha..that is "Sungot" a.K.a "Butod"...

At "Poginuman" table, we got "Butod", "Hinava" and "Tuhau"....

Ready to be is "Tuntul"....

Hehehe..those are my beloved uncles...kihkihkih..Aramaitieee...

It was on 26th December 2008 where we had a very exciting moment at my uncle's house..Yes, it was a Christmas celebration day...We started at about 12:30pm and ended around 11:00pm...and for sure everyone were drunk hahaha...As for the food, my uncle served us the "Kampung2" type of food..For example "Sungot" a.K.a "Butod", "Tuntul", "Tuhau" and "Hinava"..It seemed that only the parents enjoyed the food and as for the teens they were more to modern style funny and very obvious...About the drinks, they provide us soft drinks and also "Heavy" drinks...*Kamurang paham2 lai tu minuman berat kama....Whatever it is, we really had a very enjoying times together with the families...I hope this will lasting forever..I love you all....~~PeaCe anD BobbY Love You All..
Huh!! It happened again..*Sigh...*Sigh...My eye became red again..erghh.....All I can remembered these past few days was enjoying my holiday especially Christmas Eve...Got drunk a bit but not too much...*Wink*Wink....Owh ya, there was one time when my asthma came..I had a very bad cough..This should be the cause that my eye became red..Same like before but this time only occurred at my left eye...not both eyes like last time...I tried to hide my red eye from my mum..But you know until when I can hide it from her..So, when we had our dinner at home, she cought me..erghh!!! *Kantoi di situ....She said, "Misti ko batuk2 ni kan"..I just smiled to her...(*Apa lagi...pok..pek..pok...pek....hahaha)..No big deal...Kihoiii...~~PeaCe and Bobby bei nie hahahaha
3 Comments darling....bla bla bla...kihkihkih.... *lagu si Danjoe tu time ngeh ngeh ngeh

I really like this time hehehehe..

Gurangak showed his dancing skills with his brother at the back...In front are Leo, Chris (*lupa2 ingat nama dia ini...) and Enit...heheh

Tadaaaaa....hehehe...owh the brown shirt is Akung...nice to meet you bro ...

Leo and Dogoes...huhuhu...*Sepa baitu interpreme di balakang kihkhihkih..tinguk dahi macam si Boy time mau kasih bagus itu lampu tapi last2 nda juga tebaik hahahha

From left :- Enit, Dogoes and Leo....Their time to "Play" with the "Tajau" hahaha

Apa peace2!!!...minum capattttttttttttttt!!!

Sorry angak, I don't know how to arrange the cds hahahah....*Si Dogoes nda ajar sa...lalalala

My first time met Dusun Aroma a.K.a Wel (Butul kai tu...)....*Danjoe!!! napa ko nda layan itu urang di sabalah ko!!! Barabis dia mau cakap something bai tu hahaha

Dusun Aroma and Gurangak....(Rupanya derang satu UPM pla dulu hehehe)

Boy (Gurangak's elder brother)..*Kau jugalah boy..paling hensem tu masa..numbur dua si Danjoe...hahaha...

That girl who wear white shirt really can sing...I'm impressed hehehehe

It was Christmas Day when I took those pictures..Actually it was at Gurangak's house...A short visitation from me...It was my 2nd time to visit their village...hehehe..again this time I had a wonderful event...congrats bro....I met few of my fellow blogger's friend such as Dusun Aroma, Leofantasia, Dogoes, Enit and off course Gurangak..FYI, it was un-planned visitation...haha...yes, it is me...unpredictable person...kihkihkhikhih..oppssss....talabey sudah....Ok, let me review my visitation from the beginning...Food was superb...I like the "Ayam Masak Merah"..very nice one...huhuhu...*4,5 ketul jugalah sa bantai....Then, after I finished my meal, Gurangak invited me to join the other crowds at the back...ermmm...not bad...6 "Tajau" ready on the floor...kihoiiiiii....*Kau rasa lah ni kali haha...Owh ya before I forgot, Gurangak's family also very friendly..Especially his mom and his brother (Si boy laitu hahahha)...I really enjoyed myself overthere..thanks to everyone for making me so comfortable...hehehe... The funny thing was about first, I don't want to sing or even touch the microphone but lastly I give-up hahaha..*"Tajau" punya pasal laitu..tulah ko "Tajau"..ko yang kasih mabuk sa tu.....hahaha...About the "Tajau", the taste was good...*pahit manis urang bilang....Owh ya, I did met some new friends such as Chris, Akung, and bla..bla..bla....(Cover bah abis lupa kan nama derang... :p)..The ending, I want to say sorry to you guys cos I left the crowds a bit early...hehe..Sorry to Fredo also cos can't meet you there...(Ko yang lambat tu..sepa suruh...nahh....keteh hahaha...)..Words that I can summarized the situation on that time are SUPERB and SA MABUK!!!!!....~~PeaCe anD Kotoh Si Bobby haahha
Ho..Ho..Ho..Merry Christmas...rkerkekkrere...Christmas is just around the corner...Here, I would like to wish a happy Christmas day to those who celebrate it soon...As for me, I do enjoy the eve eventhough I celebrate other festival hehehe...Honestly, it's hard for me to state their names who celebrate it here cos they're too many names hahaha...well, what to do....I try my best la kio....ermmm..First of all, I would like to wish a happy Merry Christmas to :

My Family Members

(Tambunan, Menggatal, Penampang, Keningau, Tenom, Sandakan and some other places in Malaysia..)

02c Family Group
(You all know who you are...ahaksss)

My Friends
See my friend lists at my left sidebar...hehehe (It also goes to those who don't have names inside my friend lists...jgn kecil hati ya....terlampau ramai bah hehehee)

and off course those who know me!!! hehehhe....
19th December 2008
Egypt Karaoke Lounge, Dongongon, Penampang

Caught by camerawoman hehehe

Bro Gee and Me..

From left : Gidong, Bro Gee, Me and Ollen (Sitting)

hahaha..Don't know what happened to Bro Gee and Jr...kihkhikhikhih..

Group Photo...

We posed for the CameraWoman (Thanks to Ms. Lumis hehehe...)

hahahha...ermmm...what can I say about this picture..??? Maybe Bro Gee trying to look brutal kihkihkhihkih

Mesh showed his best pose rkekrekrkere...lariiiiiiii

Smoking time huhuhu

No comment hahaha...

What we're looking at????....*Apa sudah kita tinguk sono tu Gee hehehe

19th December 2008 (After rockin' Egypt hehehe...)
Q-Ball, Dongongon, Penampang


This is what he will do if he's angry hahahahaha

Bobby in action muahahha

Me and Bro Gee....(*Bro Gee, jgn lupa your "handbag" warna hitam time mo balik nanti kio...nanti ko lupa tu ngah ngah ngah ngah....)

Just pretend to look cool....hahahha..padahal, naukan udah ieeee muahahaha

From left: Me, Lumis and Donna...

Don't know what happened to Gidong...*Gidong--->napa ko nangis hahahaha

Everybody moves..hehehe

It was us..hehe..*Sepa bai tu pi buat rabbit's ears tu dush dush dush....

Last two nights, we, the o2c Family had our enjoyable night together with a fellow blogger who just came from KL..Actually he is Sabahan also but working in Kuala Lumpur..He is Bro Gee and if I'm not mistaken he came from Sipitang..(Siou arhh bro kalo ada tersalah fakta...hahaha)..Before I met with Mr. Gee, we, o2c family had our gift exchange at Jr's house..the party was simple but everybody seemed enjoy themselves..You all can read the activity in o2c's blog....Ok, back to our story hahaha...After we finished everything at Jr's house, we then moved quickly to Egypt Karaoke Lounge at Dongongon Square..It was my first time to be there since they moved to a new lot...The place a bit small and packed but the interesting things are the price for 1 jug is only RM19.00..hahaha..very very cheap kan muahaha...and another more, their Microphone was good too...*Siok bah kalo mau nyanyi hahaha...Around 12 midnight, Bro Gee gave me a call saying that he is on his way to our location..kihkihkhikih...I never met this person before and only contacted him via sms, phone calls and internet ..So, officially it was our first time meeting each other on that night...On the other hand, Ms. Lumis also recognized him...hahaha..thanks god..*sinang hati sa cos ada juga o2c kanal dia...kihkihkhikhih....Bro Gee reached at our place around 12:30am..After met with him, I found that he is a very humble, friendly, happening and easy going type of person...muaahaha....*Aramaitiiieee...So, the rest of my story, I bet you all knew it already..Pictures above clarifies everything hahahha...~~PeaCe anD AramaitiEEEE...
A very clear man's sign...

And this reminder is inside the Man's Washroom

Last night I went to Upperstar, Damai...Actually we had a small dinner to celebrate one of our friend for his birthday..hehehe...*Macam ramai kan kawan2 sa bopday bulan sablas sama doblas kan...huhuhu..whateverlah...The place was just ok..not too crowded as their other branch at Segama (In front of Hyatt Regency Hotel)..The songs that they played also nice and if I'm not mistaken it was "House" music...Not bad huh!! After we had our dinner, I went to their washroom..Then, inside the washroom, I saw the reminder sign showed as in the 2nd picture above..hehehe...Here, i just want to remind again for the MEN, who ever wear SANITARY PAD...please throw or dispose it into the DUSTBIN....ok...hahahhahaha...~~PeaCe and Love You All muaHH muaaH
5 of it...hehehe...

This one made from steel..

This is the one that I love the most...

So, these are my beloved bamboo and steel flutes...

Hello again...My post this time is about my flutes..I believed that most of you didn't know that I can play flute...hehehe..*Yala, abis kamurang pun nda tanya hahahaha..FYI, I like few music instruments such as piano, flute, guitar, violin, saxophone and to name a few...Owh ya, off course I like to sing also...hehehe...This time I will review about my flutes only..I just started to learn and play this since 2001 until today..means almost 7 years already..I attended few training sessions which made by OMBAK (Orkestra Muzik Bambu Kiulu) and other more...The result was superb...hehe..My group also had performed in few places such as, Beaufort, Pitas, Keningau, KDCA, Hyatt, Sutera Harbour, UMS, Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka's Hall and few more...Cannot recall anymore..too many...As for me, I play flute as the main fluter in the group..hahaha..actually we had two main fluter..Both of us will perform in different way means sound 1 and sound 2...easy to say, first and second voice...hehehe..that's in singing terms...*Antam ja lah kan hahahaha...I really care my flutes same goes to my guitar hehe...and I love them like my own family.....~~PeaCe anD HavE a Nice Day huhuhu
Proof hehehe.....

These dishes only cost around Rm13.00

Kitchen's view from the customer seats

Front view from the road

Hello everyone, sorry for the lateness to update this blog kihkhihkihkhih...A bit busy for these few days..This time it's about a restaurant that I went somewhere in Sembulan (Kota Kinabalu) area....The restaurant didn't have any signboard's name...weird right??...Before I continue about this place, here, I would like to say thanks to my blog's reader for this information..One of my readers sent me an email regarding this place..(*Nama nda bulih kestau hahahaha..pasal dia malu dia bilang kahakahha..apa2 jaklah kawan hehehe...)..From the email, the person said that this restaurant present a very good food..ermm..and most important is, it also quote a good price for every meals...Sound interesting right?..So, as requested, I went to that place..At first it was really hard for me to find the restaurant cos it doesn't have any signboard...Then by following the map that "The Person" emailed to me, at last I found it..It just behind the "Mini Market" near the Sembulan-PTPL roundabout...So, for the dinner on that time, I ordered "Mushroom + Noodle Glass + Seafood" and "Sweet and Sour Fish"...and it only cost me around RM13.00...murah kan? hehehe...So, don't be late..go and try it yourself...~~PeaCe anD XmaS MooD is On....merry x'mas