<< ChRistMas At My UncLe's HousE >>

I'm the boss...hehehe...Just give instruction to my other cousin how to bbq hahaha

While waiting for the fish to be cook....**SigH

The liquor of the day...

"Poginuman" table

Our special dish...Who dare to eat this hahaha...*I don't want to take any risk hahaha..that is "Sungot" a.K.a "Butod"...

At "Poginuman" table, we got "Butod", "Hinava" and "Tuhau"....

Ready to be cook...it is "Tuntul"....

Hehehe..those are my beloved uncles...kihkihkih..Aramaitieee...

It was on 26th December 2008 where we had a very exciting moment at my uncle's house..Yes, it was a Christmas celebration day...We started at about 12:30pm and ended around 11:00pm...and for sure everyone were drunk hahaha...As for the food, my uncle served us the "Kampung2" type of food..For example "Sungot" a.K.a "Butod", "Tuntul", "Tuhau" and "Hinava"..It seemed that only the parents enjoyed the food and as for the teens they were more to modern style food...hahaha..so funny and very obvious...About the drinks, they provide us soft drinks and also "Heavy" drinks...*Kamurang paham2 lai tu minuman berat kama....Whatever it is, we really had a very enjoying times together with the families...I hope this will lasting forever..I love you all....~~PeaCe anD BobbY Love You All..

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  1. sogoh---->apy new year too sogoh hehehehe

  2. Jem Bobby, that butod is my no. 1 food :) kimetsssssssssssssss

    tapi musti mo masakan yang betul maa hehehe

  3. moroi-rolor sa sini opis... tapun!

  4. Dusun Aroma----->dulu sa time kicik2 sa makan lai tu butod...tapi sekrg mcm lain2 sudah tatalanan sa hahaahaha

    Kuai----->hehehehe...jan jilos hehehehe

  5. Eee, bikin takut oh ko gambar butod ko.

  6. kimmy---->hahahaha....scary ka? nda pun hehehehe

  7. Ndak biasa bah. Tinguk kepala tu butod pun sia takut sudah apalagi kalo sudah dalam mulut sia. Eee..

  8. kimmy----->hahaha...yakah? sa dulu2 time kicil2 pernah makan...tapi sekrg mcm nda berani dah heheheeh

  9. mangkali, tutup mata+hidung buli lah. Paling sinang kasi cincang dia. :P

  10. kimmy----->kihkihkih.....yakah....kalo sa bulih tau juga tu rasa dia hahahahaha