SamuEL anD WoLLy WeDDinG Day

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RayNEr And NoeMI WeDDing Day

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WeasLEy And ELna WeDDinG Day

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Too many customer..

No more space..

Another shot..(I'm waiting for my turn)

I dunno what to say about this barber shop. Few days before I went there to cut my hair. When I open the door, many customer and if I'm not mistaken, I was 8 on queue..ahakss..(Panat lai nie menunggu dalam hati sia....)..So, I decided to walk for a while...I went to "Pasar Sayur" and bought some "Sawi Hijau", "lada" and "Sawi Putih"...after that, I went to "Pasar Ikan"..There I bought "Ikan Uji Rashid" and "Ikan Tenggiri"...erm...(biasa sudah bah beli barang2 untuk dimasak di rumah....)...So, it costs me as below :-

Sayur Sawi Hijau = RM1.00 satu ikat

Lada = RM1.00 satu plastik kecil
Sayur Sawi Putih = RM1.00 satu ikat
Ikan Uji Rashid = RM5.00 satu piring = 1KG
Ikan Tenggiri = RM6.00 satu KG
TOTAL = RM14.00

After I spent a few minutes to buy all those stuffs, I went back to the barber shop...Omg..still need to watch showed that the time was already 6.30pm...(Lambat butul juga tukang gunting dia...)...Waiting..waiting..and waiting...until my turn..huhuhu...Surprisely that time, it only took less than 15 minutes to cut my hair...ahaksss...(tapi semart juga sia tinguk dia gunting...kali sumpak tu kan dia gunting.)...hahah...So..itujaklah..kisah di hari minggu yang lalu...muekekekekek...-------->teda teda nie post sia...hahahahah
This is chart flow about our position in my office

from left (front)-Mechellincoln, Jimmy, bobby (Sia bai tu), Yvonne, Cecilia and Juliana..Last year dinner at Oya Japanese Restaurant.

Today, our staffs and including me got an emergency call by KK Branch's Manager cum Person In Charge (PIC)...I arrived at the office at about 8.05am and Yvonne intercom me and told me that we will have discussion or emergency meeting at 9.00am. So, we (Me, Jimmy and Lincoln) asked each other regarding the purpose of this emergency meeting. So, after we had our breakfast, we then went to the office's conference room. We sat there and waited for Yvonne for few minutes. After that she came and greet us as usual. So, the introduction a bit "Wow" for us as she intro by saying that this meeting actually about her resignation matter. We felt shocked and "blurred"...Why and what happened? Everyone still cannot accept her decision. So, she explained everything from A to Z...(sighingggggg)...Yvonne put too many deeds for this company and why some clients and hq's treated her like this. I also felt angry and there was nothing I can do as I'm not in her department. But, we are in one branch and in one, this matter should connected to us not only herself....whatlah....Actually me and Yvonne work in two different department. She work in Operation Department and I'm in Information Technology Department. Yvonne claimed that she need to faced lots of pressure since she work in this company. If I'm not mistaken, she will be 10 years service this year...She also said that her last day service should be on 6th Feb 2008... :( ..Everyone felt sad and don't know what to say..This is her decision and she said that she need to learn new thing also. She advice us not to stick in one place, go out and find another place where we can gained more and more life experience. Well, after this, they will be no manager who can understand us more..No manager can talk and laughing as usual anymore...huh...I'm sad....I also worried about myself cos there will be no person will help me to handle this and that....YVONNE LIEW YEN KHIM--->your leave put too many impact on us..please decide twice..I'm on behalf of other staff beg you...sob..sob..sob...
Well..everyone..this is my new Video Label for Video Recording...This one finalized already.

This picture is the color mode before I turn it into sketching..(Sorry..itu address blog sia..edit last minute bai tu..tulah sini teda sia letak...khihkihkih)

I'm using 4 items to develop this Label. For sure I downloaded it from the net and transformed it into 1 piece Label..

Huh..what do you all think about the design...hurmmm...please gimme some idea as I need ideas to make my Label more nice to look and a bit sophisticated...I just used 4 items to make this label and for my opinion it looks like very simple and not very satisfied about it. People, especially my friend, do give me a favor to give me some ideas....PLEASE....(Begging nie....)

P/s :------->Leo, gur, dogoes ma fredo wajib tu bagi idea...wakakakak
Today I also want to post about my horoscope. Most of the people said that don't believe what the horoscope says. For me, it's up to the individual maahh...whether they want to believe it or not..heiiiyyy...who cares rite...Honestly to say that I just put myself about 60% to believe my horoscope and until now this horoscope's description really help me to improve myself...I don't know how can I say about this but whenever I read my horoscope on the net, it related to me..almost 90%...So, from this I try to develop myself to be as good as I can. Sometimes you can get the hint from the description about what you should or shouldn't do...Trust me..try it now...

Daily Overview for Scorpiorian

If you give in to someone else's demands now, you'll make things easier on yourself.

You're going through some weirdness right now, but that's not such a big deal -- in fact, most of the serious business is happening unconsciously, so you ought to be able to get on with life.

Weekly Overview for Scorpiorian

Combining the emotional with the intellectual on Monday -- letting yourself go after thinking it through -- allows you to see a new angle. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, it's tempting to let your reaction spill out, but a certain situation demands restraint. Life could be stressful now, so plan to handle it calmly instead of letting it get to you. Then, if you don't have your agenda out in the open during the rest of the week, why would you expect that anyone else would? Consider leveling with someone important in your life. The results might surprise you.

Monthly Overview for Scorpiorian

Patience could be the best solution to a problem that comes up on the 1st. Whether you want something and they don't, or they want something that you don't, or you both want different things, it's highly unlikely that a knock-down, drag-out fight is going to make the situation better. Instead of punching their lights out emotionally, call on your deeper, calmer, quieter, most mature self. Breathe deeply, listen to all of the opposing points of view, and come up with a compromise. By the time late evening rolls around, you're in a much, much better space. In fact, on the 2nd and 3rd, things couldn't be going better (looks like a little patience paid off!). On the 8th, you're all business. Whether you're a peanut-butter manufacturer or a snow-boot importer, people are nuts for your products! On the 12th, romance wants in. Are you going to open the door? Or are you going to leave romance out in the cold? Only you can decide. On the 16th and 17th, exercise your non-attachment skills. Do you really need that new TV? On the 21st, try a new restaurant -- the more exotic, the better. By the 27th, you need to be patient again (good thing you have practice!). On the 31st, go out dancing.

Yearly Overview for Scorpiorian

With overflowing passion in all areas of life, you enjoy sharing, learning and developing your wonderful communication skills. Your ability to offer compassion and emotional sensitivity will help you connect to others, indirectly benefiting your home and career. You strive to get to the roots of issues, and develop intelligent and direct conversations. As you have a strong awareness of your own philosophical and spiritual inner world, you benefit greatly from private exploration of these concepts.

Being a more introspective, and focusing more on alone time instead of the outer world, will help you gather in some of your passionate energy and recharge your inner needs. You will become more interested in visionary ideas, and this will help you to use your latent creativity. Your desire for security is strongly connected with quality material possessions, and how much money you have. Your earning ability will dramatically increase, which will provide for enough left over both to enjoy life and put aside savings.

Your dreams of creating a perfect home sanctuary will come true. Many of your deep desires to make changes in your outer world will draw the attention of others. Your abundant optimism will attract great benefits and resources. You could spend time creating visions for large groups of people and helping them achieve their highest dreams. This will create a new sense of self-worth in them, and in you as well. Your optimism in your love partnership could lead to interesting and exotic travel plans. You love the feeling aliveness and vibrancy travel and spontaneity bring to your life.

0 Comments OKU's photo taken by me..

Just in front of me..He was counting his money that people gave to him at the food stall

I didn't give him anything..I just raised my hand signaled that I don't want to be disturbed...(Kejam kah???)

Took this picture after he left my table...(Tapuk2 nie ambill...huhuhhu)

It was a long time since I left my blog because of the "busy-nezz" day...well, at least I post this entry and it's not because I want to shame this guy (Yang baju merah bah....)..Can you all people think for a while..else then "Minta Sedekah" what can they do for a handicapped person??? As they moving around..showing their unavailability body parts, asking and seeking for a sympathy....huh (sighed...) ..Here I'm thinking about them..I try to put myself in their shoes...So, these info really help me...

1) How they became like that..Accident? Since Young?Disease Infection?
2) Where are their other family members? their children? and responsible organization...??
3) What else they can do other than "minta sedekah"?? Can't they think other alternative where they can earn money.???.....Sighed--->again
4) Why there are no responsible organization to look after for their welfare??? Is it because of the citizens matter?erm..we can consider things like that...

As for me, actually they can gain or seek some help for their welfare. Yes we have Welfare Organization and for sure this organization will help them but what about IF some of them are not Malaysian?? Are they able to get the donation from Welfare Organization.....(THINKING......WINK*WINK*)...So pathetic kan..kan..kan...After I consider all these things, I walked straight to that person and give him RM1...hehehe...He smiled to me and I feel satisfied not because I give him RM1 but they way he thanked to me..with his SMILE....huhuhu

Moral of the posting:----> SMILE always..kihkihkih....wakakakka
This system use Open Office Software

The Kdesktop Environment..this is Kubuntu..

Trying to use the browser to update my blog..

Olaaa...felt busy past few days but I still managed to update my blog. Today I would like to share a new version of Linux which are more userfriendly to use, Stable and good in performance. For those who are interested to use this linux based system, do read the introduction below.

Kubuntu is an official derivation of the Ubuntu Linux desktop operating system providing KDE support. It is part of Ubuntu. All packages share the same archives as Ubuntu.

It is even possible to install KDE on Ubuntu to achieve a "Kubuntu". Otherway round Gnome can be installed on Kubuntu, so there's no real limitation according to the used desktop environment. Kubuntu comes with a preinstalled and preconfigured KDE and without Gnome.

From the Kubuntu page on the Ubuntu Wiki pages "The Kubuntu project aims to be to KDE what Ubuntu is to GNOME: a great integrated distro with all the great features of Ubuntu, but based on the KDE desktop. Kubuntu is released regularly and predictably; a new release is made with a release of a new KDE Version."

Ubuntu means "towards humanity" in Bemba.


Morning you ols...hurmmm...well, I just entered my office and turned on my pc awhile ago..I think today, there's nothing to blog actually, but, I must write something as it can release my tension a bit...Well, off course some people said that blogging can reduce our stress. Hurmmm...I found they told the truth guys...People out there who read my post, do try it babe...hahahaah...You will not lose or waste anything but you gained more from blogging....Okie, my post today is about English language. Who said English is easy? there any person vote for the " English is easy" quote???..Yeah, I admit that my English also not so good. Honestly to say (...wakakakak...Manglish bah sia pakai selalu...)..But at least I try to develop and improvise my English skills...huhuhuhuh...So, here...I will write down few questions about English matter. I got these stuffs from my ex-classmates who is now an English Language Teacher.


1.______, I'm a pig.
2.______, I'm fool.
3.______, I'm a donkey.

Last but not least, thank you for trying these questions....(muahahahha....susah kan inggeris....kihkhihkihkih....)

p/s------>sepa barani jawab...ahakssss

Okie...we have screw driver (philips), screw driver (Mata rata kalo malayu..inggeris sia tia tau....), and KIV (muahahaha....tia tau tia tau)

Here's the thing that I need to fix

Bread Toaster...huhuhu..(Jenama--->Pensonic and bukan kalo rusak..cakap jak nda berkualiti...huahuahauhua)

This morning I was called to meet the Operation Department Manager. She asked for my help to fix company's bread toaster..huh...I just shut up my mouth and say "yes"...whatlah....what did I do..I must say "No" cos' that is not in my job scope...well...what to do..(Abis dia lawa bah...jadi nda perasan kali cakap ya....huhuhhuh)..So, I bring that thing to my own office and check the mechanism..I gained few information about the toaster and also asked the manager how's the toaster damaged.. She told me that the problem is only she can't pull down the panel switch..I tried it and won't, in my opinion, should be something broken already and that's why the panel switch cannot hang on. So, I opened the machine..huh..what a complicated small things..(Kicil2 pun susah butul mau buka....masiam mo hampas di lantai jak....)...Lastly, I managed to open it but my finger became "Merah-merah" already....So..I checked here and there but still cannot find the main problem..I put it aside, and slowly walked to my table. I adjust the aircond's temperature and sit on my chair....and the result is I CANNOT FIX THAT MACHINE AND THAT'S WHY I UPLOAD my mind..saying that THIS IS OUT OF MY JOB SCOPE....huhuhuh
These are the stuffs that the Hospital gave me---->Asthalin Inhaler, KIV and KIV..(nda tau apaitu nama ubat biji yang dua tu....)

Some job need to be done in front of me..

Doctor and his nurses ready to make a surgery to that person who is laying on the bed

This guy who wore that green shirt was the saver for that man (yang tabaring sana katil tu...)

This is..ermm..ermmm...(Apaini owhhhh...lupa udah...tapi ada numbur2 di sebelah atas dia..kana suruh tiup after isap itu inhaler...huhuh...)....something like a tester to test how strong your breath...

Yesterday, I went to the Government's Hospital in Tuaran. Well, actually I have something to do in that area but then again few problem appeared as I didn't expected it at all. So, I decided to go to the hospital since my job interrupted that day. If I'm not mistaken, this is my 2nd time to be here in Hospital Tuaran. The 1st one should be somewhere on 2002....heheehe...and now it's already 2008..6 years passed...I arrived at the counter and asked the person in charged...While I'm talking to one of the staff, I saw another staff over there also at the counter but she was facing on her pc...Then I realized that she was not doing something about hospital's stuffs...huh..she played "Tumblebuggs"...(Inilah government kan....alalalalalala)...But, I didn't care of it as it was not my business then...So, my number should be 3038 ( amik nie numbur di 4 digit...hahaha..mana tau gia..khikhihkhihih)...There I need to wait and wait and wait...then, My number called once and I rushed to the 3 actually...Inside the room, I sat down near the doctor...and he asked me.."Apa cerita.."...and I replied.."Macam biasa sija nie..gini2 lah"..then the doctor said " Bukan, maksud sia apa sakit ko"...muahahaha...wrong answer again..uhuksss...(Kitaiiii..bagi soalan pun yang terlampau am....huh..)..So, I told him everything...coughing for few weeks, and felt always tired..The doctor checked my mouth and after that checked my blood pressure and also my " Nadi- denyutan jantung mangkali...."...After finished all those normal things, he explained to me that I got Asthma and asking me whether I have asthma before...I told him.."Yes, I have before but that one was somewhere on 1998/9.."so, he just say "ohhhhh....."...He wrote something on a piece of paper..and asked me to go to the emergency room to use the inhaler system. There, I saw just few persons, I mean the staff chatting to each other...While I'm doing my inhaler's breathing, suddenly the main door at the back opened and I saw few people rushed inside..something like emergency...huhuhu...nice scenes opportunity to see this in front of my eyes.There, a guy came and another guy who lay on the "apaitu nama dia yang emergency punya tampat angkat urg tu..sia nda tau...hahaha..." also kana angkat masuk....I heard from their conversations, that guy, who is on his riding to go to Jabatan Penjara Malaysia, involved in one accident where he being hit by a lorry. He broke his left leg and his arms also got scratches... The guy who helped him and accompanied him along the way from the accident scene looks uncomfortable, panic, and bla...bla..bla..(balik2 cakap yang dia yang kasih save itu urang..teda urang mau tulung lah..ampai2 di jalanan lah....huh.ada lagi dia cakap..dia on the way mau pi jual gata and nampak itu urg kemalangan...edeeiiii..DETAILSSS urang bilang..yala..yala...ko tu penyelamat and don't interrupt the doctor and the nurses while they are doing their job...nanti silap..ko yang tanggung tau...)..I just enjoying the scene and took a hidden snapped...huhuhu.....after a few minutes, the guy (The saver lah kunun2...dalam komik..penyelamat dunia kaka id gulu2..muekekek) asked permission to take a leave and "sempat laie cakap...sia kasih tinggal no phone sia lah just in case kalo ada apa2.....huh....odoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...dalam hati sia..kompom mau terima ANUGERAH PENYELAMAT dari Kementerian Kesihatan hahahahahah....My inhaler machine suddenly stopped and doctor said that it's ok already...he gave me my treatment slip and asked me to go to the Medicine's Counter to take my medicine....abisss sorita dahh..trus sia balik pi opis sambil senyum2 ingat tu scene tadi...hahahaah
Front View

Behind Seat--> left side

Front-->left side angle

Front-->Right side angle

This morning, on my way to the nearest clinic (Sumakit boh gia....), I went to a car wash to cleanup my car, outside and inside (Vacuum lah bai nie.....)..I'm impressed with the service that they give me..Everything was perfect. Pictures above took when they are snowing my car (Malas mau keluar bah...panas butul di tunggu ja di dalam karita sambil beraircond...)...2 workers snowing my car and it only took 3 good....then, after the snowing session, I then reverse my car to another section where 7 workers cleaned outside and inside..(Lap sana sini..kasih kilat tayar...vacuum semua sana sini....)..took them only 3 minutes 3 minutes for snowing...equals to 6 minutes....quite fast rite....huhuhuhuhuhu....I double checked my car..inside + outside...I'm satisfied...well..I never experienced services like fast and yet satisfied....

Thursday is batik day

PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants will now have to wear colourful batik attire every Thursday from tomorrow instead of having to wear them only twice a month.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan said a circular on the sartorial code, signed by Public Services Department director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam, was issued yesterday.

He said that apart from wanting to give Malaysian batik a boost by getting civil servants to wear it more often, the decision to have civil servants wear batik garments on Thursdays was “to make it easy for them to remember as to when they should put on their batik shirts”.

“We will see more civil servants wearing batik from now on and it will have to be Malaysian batik, of course,” he told reporters after closing a seminar on public delivery systems yesterday.

Sidek said that previously, the practice was for civil servants to wear batik to work on Saturdays and this was later changed to every first and 15th day of the month, beginning June 2005.

He said it was not practical for Fridays to be made “batik day” because many people, particularly men, would want to don traditional garments.

The idea of promoting Malaysian batik was first mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s late wife Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood.

At the launch of the Malaysia Batik Week in 2004, she emphasised the need for everyone to wear batik and not just civil servants.

True to Endon’s call, Abdullah has not only worn Malaysian batik frequently but has also promoted the Malaysian batik identity at international forums and conventions.

Cuepacs president Omar Osman welcomed the Government’s move to make batik the official attire every Thursday.

“We support the idea to create an original Malaysian identity through batik. I hope that the various departments and government agencies will create their own design,” Omar said. “The departments must provide them to the employees as batik attire will be our uniform every Thursday.”

*Article from TheSTAR OnLine

*Nasib sia bukan gov...lalalalaalallala :P
Dancing or posing???..(Bollywood kai nie....krekrkekrek)

Nice pose...(bulihlah kampung2..hahaha)

This one...wink*wink*...speechless owhh...(Bulih kasih kanal si dogoes...alalalalalala)

This one more on exotic pose...huhuhu...(sumarat sia tinguk...)

I dunno what the hell this woman doing...huh...(Tugu kah...kkaakakaka)

Well, I got this idea when I saw a trailer regarding this women's Bodybuilder on the net. I felt interesting to upload some of the great pictures in here. Pictures above are some of it. For me, it's normal to watch men's version, but seldom for women's version....(hahahahah...mau juga tinguk kemampuan durang bah kan...)...So, enjoy it...lalalala..huhuhuh...(sia tia tau arhh...kalo ada urang *(^&)^&^^%&...muekekkek...)..

p/s :----->dogoes, jan ko jelos body dorang arh...krekrkerke
Picture 1

Picture 2

Last week, I forgot already what was the real date and time, but for sure it was a working day for me. Pictures above shocked me at that time. Ok, let us start the story like this. Normally when I reached to my office, firstly, I need to scan in my Employee Card at downstairs. Then will have my breakfast with my colleagues and also a cup of tea made by our "Kakak Cleaner"...After that will have a chat among us then I will go to my office at upstairs. Actually my office located at fourth floor. So, on the way to my office, at 3rd floor (My company meeting room), I saw a person slept there. Huh...what the hell..A bit scared that time, but what to do I need to go to my office rite?..Then, I walked slowly..(Takut2 kana pigang kaki terus kana rompak..ala yang masiam di TV tu..hahahahah) ...So, I managed to pass that person...huhuhu..(Feel good...*Sigh)..I also snapped that person picture from my office floor..Owh..I just remembered that I also saw that person used women's sandal (White in colour mahhh...kelas gitu..haha)....After I took the picture, I sent it via mms to my other colleague and ask them to tell that person to move from there. Few minutes later, "Kakak Cleaner" and Lincoln (My colleague from Operation Department) went there to tell that woman.About 10 minutes later, Lincoln intercom me from downstairs and said "Doiiiiii...ko bah...bukan perempuan tu...PUNDAN....".....I'm shocked...then laughed loudly...hahahahaha....(Nasib sia owh kan...eeee...bikin takut...)
" Tomyam Isi Ikan Goreng".....nyam...nyammm..

This is the closed up picture

Using that chopstick very carefully...huhuhu..(Nda pandai bah guna itu sumpit...muhehe)

Just enjoying my cigarette after lunch time

Since our friend's Snooker closed, me and my colleague don't know what to do after took our lunch

It's feels so good to smoke under the tree near the carwash...hahahaha....
Well u ols'...Akademi Fantasia Audition is back and will be in the town soon. So, for those who are interested to involve in this audition, do check the location as below:-

Kuala Lumpur/Astro Bukit Jalil/12 & 13 January
Sabah/Kompleks Asia City, Kota Kinabalu/17 - 20 January
Sarawak/Crowne Plaza.Riverside, Kuching/17 - 20 January
Pulau Pinang/Gurney Hotel/26 & 27 January
Johor/Kompleks Mawar, Johor Bahru/25 & 27 January
Kuala Lumpur/Astro Bukit Jalil/2 & 3 February

Same like other or previous AF, below are few songs that any candidates can choose to sing.

Langit Biru (Mawi)
Fantasia Bulan Madu (Amy Search)
Kasihnya Laila (Jinbara)
Joget Angan Tak Sudah (Jay Jay)
It’s Gonna Be Me (N’Sync)
Izinku Pergi (Kaer)
La Camisa Negra (Juanes)
Kisah Kau Dan Aku (Alleycats)
Ku Juga Mencintai Dirimu (Saiful)
Azura (Jamal Abdillah)

Persis Mutiara (Mila AF5)
Rindu Merindu (Fauziah Idris)
Jika Kau Kekasih (Linda Nanuwill)
Ya Atau Tidak (Erra Fazira)
Salam Untuk Kekasih (Nadia)
Setia Ku Korbankan (Fauziah Latiff)
Unfaithful (Rihanna)
Menaruh Harapan (Zaiton Sameon)
Akhirnya Kini Pasti (Anita Sarawak)
Pastikan (Siti Nurhaliza)

AF6 principal this year is Ramli MS

What is the most interesting info about this coming AF6 is, now the age is limited until 45 years old. So, middle age men and women are also invited to attend this audition as long as their age are not more than 45 years old. It will be interesting this time..Trust me dude...hahaahhaha
It's me standing inside the PA System's room

Candid snapped by my colleague

Took this picture on that day..this is the middle row seats

This is the front row of the seats..

This is at the left side...

Last Sunday (6th of January 2008), I was called by my Director to attend a function at Tang Dynasty Hotel, KK. So, an order from my director which also bring the honour of our company name, I must attend this function..Well, yes I know it was Sunday and I should be at home to have my rest...huh...but, what to do rite? Job is still a least I can earn extra money..ahaksss....So, my director ordered me to come early on that day..I reached there at about 11.30am..Before that, I picked up my colleague, Jimmy...after we reached at Wawasan Plaza, I decided to take my lunch before the function begins..So, we went to KFC as it is the fastest way we can have our lunch..It was in the afternoon and I ordered a dinner plate...hahahahah...what lah....So, after we finish our lunch, then we went to the Hotel's ballroom..there, everyone do their for me, my task is only need to scout our CEO, Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin...ermmm...hahah..easy task dude..I just need to pick them up at Le Meridean Hotel..He came with his PA, Ms Anne...So, our function finish at about 6.30pm...but, problem for me cos, I need to wait Datuk and his PA to finish their discussion with our company's, wait and wait until 9.10pm...huh.....then I sent them back to Meridean Hotel and drive home slowly...I reached my home at about 10pm....what a day~~~~
Out of water...huh...(Nasib nda melatup kan...dangerous owhh)

With my best cousins...From left----->Spencer, Me and Bentz

We seldom see things like this...So, I'm so happy to snap this moment (Kalo Kenny G nampak nie..mesti ternganga dia...baru pakai hidung..bulum lagi mulut...kakaakaka)

Groom & Bride (Peter & Dorina)

This is the Rungus Traditional Dancing...

Me and the others wish a happy marriage for both of you...May god bless both of you

Front Glass broke!!!! On the way to bride's house, one of our car faced some problem..Now there are fixing the front glass..They replaced it with wrapping plastic..

The groom (Peter Dick)...We are waiting for other car to arrived before we start to drive again...This place took at "Simpang Kg Pinawantai, Kudat"...

Last week on 5th of January 2008, me and other cousins and friends went to our friend's wedding ceremony. It was at Kampung Membatu Laut, Kudat. Well, I and few of the fellow family member and friends never been there...The journey quite complicated for us as we never reached there before. Erm...the facilities, can say a bit poor..Some roads are not well developed and some of them still like a " Kampung-kampung" road..huhuhu..(Tanah merah lah...luntak lah...gravel lah...paning kapala...)..But, we managed to reached there in the afternoon...It was our friend's wedding day, so, no complaining...hahahaa...During the wedding ceremony, I saw few new never saw new things huh......By the was great to be there..watching the happiness between two family....ahaksss...well, pictures above clarify everything about the event....enjoy it.....