(( WhaT ELse ThEy CaN Do ))

hurm...an OKU's photo taken by me..

Just in front of me..He was counting his money that people gave to him at the food stall

I didn't give him anything..I just raised my hand signaled that I don't want to be disturbed...(Kejam kah???)

Took this picture after he left my table...(Tapuk2 nie ambill...huhuhhu)

It was a long time since I left my blog because of the "busy-nezz" day...well, at least I post this entry and it's not because I want to shame this guy (Yang baju merah bah....)..Can you all people think for a while..else then "Minta Sedekah" what can they do for a handicapped person??? As they moving around..showing their unavailability body parts, asking and seeking for a sympathy....huh (sighed...) ..Here I'm thinking about them..I try to put myself in their shoes...So, these info really help me...

1) How they became like that..Accident? Since Young?Disease Infection?
2) Where are their other family members? their children? and responsible organization...??
3) What else they can do other than "minta sedekah"?? Can't they think other alternative where they can earn money.???.....Sighed--->again
4) Why there are no responsible organization to look after for their welfare??? Is it because of the citizens matter?erm..we can consider things like that...

As for me, actually they can gain or seek some help for their welfare. Yes we have Welfare Organization and for sure this organization will help them but what about IF some of them are not Malaysian?? Are they able to get the donation from Welfare Organization.....(THINKING......WINK*WINK*)...So pathetic kan..kan..kan...After I consider all these things, I walked straight to that person and give him RM1...hehehe...He smiled to me and I feel satisfied not because I give him RM1 but they way he thanked to me..with his SMILE....huhuhu

Moral of the posting:----> SMILE always..kihkihkih....wakakakka