SamuEL anD WoLLy WeDDinG Day

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RayNEr And NoeMI WeDDing Day

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WeasLEy And ELna WeDDinG Day

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Me and Wei Loon, trying to figure out something at our company's Firewall Server (Untangle)....---->*Wei Loon, jgn ko pandai2 kacau itu setting...kalo nda mau tanggung kama....hahaha

Oho...goodbye to you my friend...This is Mr. Shen...His last day in our company..have a nice working environment at your new place ya...

KK Vs AS----->Ya tau ko manang Wei Loon....bah abis korang banyak exposure....huhuhu was during my visitation and training at our Hq....These two guys are Razali who is just appointed on that day..and near him is my only "Geng Karas", Mr. Teoh Wei Loon....a very good person for problem solving in IT field...The picture shows that Teoh, brief a bit to Mr. Razali regarding our Firewall (Untangle) server...Hehehe...(* sa curi tulang men gambar2 ini time kahkahkha)...~~PeaCe oN mE
Heyy there....huhu...Ermm..what to say? fault then cos late to publish and advertise this banner...hehehe...but, now I hope, it's not late for me to talk about this Gaths...We called it Sabahan Bloggers Gathering which will be held at Imperial Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on this Saturday (2nd Of August 2008)....Actually I got to know this event few months ago...and bloggers started to talk about it on the day this banner released...(*yang ini kah atau yang warna unggu tu arhhh...maybe yang unggu cos, its a countdown banner...hahaha..tiapalah...)...At first, I'm not INTERESTED about this gathering...(*ini..PENGAKUAN...ampun kio semua hahahaha)...Until last few weeks, where I have the sense of thingking to join this gathering...hahahaha..Most of my fellow bloggers already sent their name to the person in-charge..(Should be Ms. Jacq...)...But me, still like nothing happen as for the others, there were like so interested and cannot wait for that big function...(*they were like those who can't wait their monthly salary to be bank-in know what I mean...hahaha)...*duhhh...sigh....hahaha...(*inilah bai nie..kalo sudah MALAS..MALAS JUGA BAH kan hahaha...)..Last week, I gave a call to Ms. Jacq...I asked her whether still got extra seats...and she said there are still few more available seats...hahahaha...thanks last I sent an email which is a registration email to Ms. Jacq..hope she received my email...(*kalo nda, matilah sia...hahahha----->I'm wondering, how can we make sure that we already registered? let say if our email didn't reached at the receiver's email...huh!!...*mau telepon si Jacq nie....Bah, abis, nanti datang, trus tiba2 tiada nie nama...hahaha....kin malu kan.....hahahaha)....Another problem is, I don't know what should I wear on that day....(*buli kai tu kalo sa pakai Seluar Men bula, trus pakai selipar jipun and pakai T-shirt lambang Barisan Nasional...hahahaha....*can consider.....hahaha)...oklah, I need to call Ms. Jacq now to confirm whether my name already registered or not...So, for those who interested and haven't register your name...Do play your role...Hope to see all of you at the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering...~~chioW..peace maahhhh

For Those Who WanT to ChecK tHeiR nameS fOr The GatHeriNg
This time, I will answer Kengkaru's tag...huhhu...Tagged by him on *&^%...hahaha..forgot already...but, heyy...I did it by the way...hahahah..This tag asked us to share 7 facts in our blog...hurmmm...No problemo bah..kehkehkehkehkeh...

7 facts AbouT mySeLf :-

I like travelling...If I've enough money, sure I will travel around the world....*specially Europe

I'm a lazy person..sometimes being so lazy...

Sometimes I think I'm going to be crazy or crazy enough to think properly...*Semua gara2 karaja lai tu....

Again and again, I want to tell you that I'm a FAT person

I love eating...hahaha

Most important things is..I'm still SINGLE...wakakakaka

Last but not least..Sometimes I talk craps.....hahahha...believe it or not..its up to you then....~~PeacE
Haloooo....again and again...I've been tagged by Mr. Gee...(*Si Kengkaru punya tag nanti lah sa buat...satu2 bah kan...hahahaha...)..This tag asked us to answer few questions..ok..let me start it :-

Question 1:What were you doing 5 years ago?
If I'm not mistaken..I was in Secondary School..That time I was in Optimist Upper Six Class at SMK Bandaraya, Menggatal.

Question 2:What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
-Joining some "Gotong-royong" activity near my house (Kasih berisih itu padang men bula bah...)
-Chit-chat with my mom (Normally we chat about Home Designing...hahaha..I tell you, my mom very pro in home designing)
-Doing job report and outstation date scheduling
-Window shopping at Centre Point, KK
-Cam Whoring hahaha

Question 3:What are the 5 snacks that you enjoy?
-Cream Crackers
-Potato Chips
-Kit Kat
-Cheese Balls (*kurupuk cheese yang 20 plu sin tu...hahaha)

Question 4:What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
-Build a big house
-Open my own business
-Joli-joli--->khakahkha..pi aramaitiieee
-Bring my mom and dad for holidays or vacations...

Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had?
-"Tukang cat pagar"--->this was my 1st job (part time..time cuti sikulah hahaha)
-"Buruh Kasar" at Concrete Company---->specifically as "tukang ikat pailing" hahaha
-Machine operator at Sunway Lagoon, Bandar Sunway...(When I was in college..need extra money maahh)
-Working as an ICT Consultant at Wisma Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu...(*too tired and I can't handle the job tasks...I resigned from there after got a new job)
-Work as an IT Executive till now..hahaha...*syukur pada tuhan

So, thats all from me...hahaha...Doesn't feel like want to tag any bloggers...kahkah...~~Break the rules again muahahahhaha
I like garlic bread...huhu..You need to add some more mayonis to make it more delicious...

It's my salad...kehkehkeh...*Mau kaka tarai masiam urang putih haha

Latest pizza..*apa sudah nama dia ini lupa

Some salad, fried cuttlefish, and Fried potato...

Signboard for Salad Bar at Pizza Hut (City Mall)

Tadaaaa....salad bar....nice right....

Pizza Hut at City Mall, Kota kinabalu, Sabah...

Muahaha..Pizza time...It was few days ago..I took my dinner at Pizza Hut (City Mall, Iramanis Road)...Went there with my friend and we ordered one set of pizza and few other more....For the Pizza, we took the latest one....ngah ngah ngah...*Kalo bab makanan, sa lah yang numbur satu bah...kehkehkhekhehekeh...Below are what we took that night for our dinner :-

-Pizza (Medium size)
-Mixed Salad
-Soup (*masiam kimbell soup bahh...)
-Fried Cuttlefish
-Fried Potato
-Garlic Bread

----->Paid only RM42.00...*<----

We had our dinner as it will be our last dinner session...hahaha..*Paham-pahamlah....makan masiam di rumah..nda ingat dunia sudah...hahaha..
This was the best shot that I took...too crowded at that time

In just few minutes, public made it so crowded

See that policeman...huhhuhuh..(*Pak Polisi mmbaakkk hahaha)

It was yesterday, where for the first time, I saw this kind of situation...Actually, I was on my way to City Mall to have my dinner on that night..On the way to the place that I mentioned just now, I saw too many crowds in front of F&N Sdn Bhd at Inanam..For your information, it's just few hundred meters from my office...huhuhu...At first, I thought maybe it was a crocodile or a big python that the publics were looking at... So I just ignored it and continued to drive...But, until I reached at the Giant Kolombong's traffic light, my instinct stopped me and I made a U-turn and went to the crowds again just want to know what was happening actually..I parked my car near the Maybank and started walking slowly to have a near look...Unlucky me cos, the policeman already marked the area, me and other viewers only can see from distance...I asked a man near to me.."Apaitu owh di sana" and the man replied me, "Ada mayat lelaki di sana"...When I heard "Mayat", I felt like a bit shocked...*takut pun ada...hahaa...I wondered why only at this time, then only people noticed about it...Why they didn't notice it when it still daylight...hurmmm....*confused...hahaha...without looking at the dead body, I drove my car and have my dinner at City Mall...This morning, I saw the news regarding the incident..The deceased was a Filipino and his family were looking for him for the past few hours before found by the public..and from the family statement, the deceased was reported to have "Sawan Babi"...*hurmmm....~~PeacE and ScarY :(
Me and some of my cousins and fellow friends..This took few years before when we having our training for Orchestra Performing at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Negeri Sabah...(*Time2 badan sa six packs kama nie kahkahakha)

1) This was somewhere in 2003, our class photo session at Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah (DUN)
2) It was me, my English teacher and My Assistant of Class Monitor...hahaha..(*I'm the class monitor since 1999 till 2003 in Secondary School...masiam anugerah kan....4 tahun berjurut-jurut pigang takhta hahaha)
3) Me and my orchestra group posed at the JPSM, Putatan...

Yuhuuu...again and again...tag's game and this was from Mr. Cicak a.K.a Kulin hahaha...*lek ko buss....The rules asking us to post 10 of our favourites pictures or photos...So, here in my blog I only choosed 6..hahaha..Always break the rules...huhuhu....So, I also don't have the idea to whom should I tag...hahaha...but for sure...should be these peoples :- Fredo, Leofantasia, Pirut, UrangRanau and Reno...muakakaka
When we talk about blogs...sure, many of you will relate it to internet, computers, journal or etc...Let me talk a bit about "Why I do blogging?"...Actually I've been tagged by Mr. Pirut...well, to answer this tag's we go..I started to blog early year of 1999..Hurmm..sure I forgot already what is my url that time...haha..But for sure, I used HTML coding to make my blog and upload it at, so that it can be hosted via online...

For me, blogging brought lots of experience to me. I gained few more friends, knowledges, informations and to name a few..To blog or not to blog is other kind of question...I decide blogging rather than wasting my time to do things that wouldn't give me such advantages...haha..And that's for sure..At first, it was hard for me to start blogging, but when I used to do lots of posting and template's tweaking, I found this "blogging" thing in a very interesting activity...Day by day, I like it very much...

Some of my family members and my fellow friends told me that I'm addicted to do blogging...hahaha...I never realized it...Well, that what are they saying to me..From my point of view, I didn't consider it as I'm addicted..Blogging is a very convenient platforms for those who really likes technologies such as communication, computers, networking and etc..For that reason, why, we (people who love to blog) are labeled as addicted to blog...This is why I always don't understand about other people..They are keep complaining but on the other hand, they have nothing...hahaha...(*pedas sikit nie ayat sa...kihkhikhih--->this pointed to someone...hahaha..sepa makan lada dia rasa pedas...tapi kalo dia rasa manis..utak dia something wrong...wakakaka...)..Last but not least, to summarize this post, the answer WHY I BLOGGING is only in 3 words...this is because.. I LOVE IT..~~PeacE and FuLL StoP hahaha

P/s:- Here, I wouldn't tag any blogger...hahaha..let it ended over here.... (^^)
This shopping complex really superb....hahaha...*Discounts gila2 punya hahaha

Guess what, GA Blue T-shirt got 70% discounts...hahaha..Lucky me on that day

These are the prices for the GA Blue T-Shirts...hahahaha...*Durian runtuh nie...kehkehkehkeh

This took at Alor Setar Mall..Second mall that I went on that day....Here, I was trying to look for Notebook's Carry Bag...But..the price is too high...So, I decided not to buy it....

Day 4 was on 15th Of JuLy 2008..And for sure, it was Kedah's Leave Day due to Jubli Emas For their Sultan....So, it was my opportunity to rest and doing something else than having training and working..I decided to go for shopping hehe...Previously, my colleague, Ah Hock inviting me to join him to go to Perlis to have a look for Thailand's Stuff...hahaha...We can say, the stuffs are "Ciplak" one...huhuhu...But, I refused his invitation cos I already promised to my CEO, Ms. Azinie to hangout with her...hahaha...*Ladies first kahkahkaha....Ms Azinie fetched me up at about 1.00pm and after that we went for lunch before went for shopping....Better I summarize my shopping session..hehe...In the end, I bought 6 pairs of GA Blue T-shirt, 2 "Selendang"s and 3 pairs earing for my mum..and the last one is my new glass frame (Spectacle)...That's it for Day 4...~~PeacE beBeh....mmuaahhh
Me, Ah Hock (Server Section), Ah Han (Section Manager) and Ah Tong...At this time, 3 of them drunk already...Me? still steady bah...Sabahan bai nie...kihoiii..aramaitieeee

The man near to the glasses woman is my Ex-boss..Mr. Chan....ngah ngah ngah...*Dulu lain..sekarang sudah lain...muahaaha

This is Ah Tong..he is enjoying his dinner with full concentration..Actually he's the PIC for IT hardware and software purchasing..

This pretty girl also helping us that huh!!..ahakss...

This one is Ah Beng..He is mixing the ingredients for the sausages and chicken wings...

From left :- Jicky, John and Wei Loon...Wei Loon and John are trying to start the fire..they took almost 1 hour to start the fire...hahahaha...

Some of the stuffs for the bbq's session that night...Everything bought from Tesco...

After the bbq, we cleaned up the area....If not, maybe it will be their last BBQ's session at Ah Shen's house..for me, off course it will be my last cos I'm going back to KK sooner...wakakaka..

My third day brought me to join a Bbq at one of our colleague's house...His name should be Ah Shen...hahaha..(*kalo sa nda silap lah....).We did good during the bbq...Seemed everyone enjoy themselves and felt happy...Me? guess lah...At first, I was shy to communicate with them..But, after the " Black Label " session...Been so friendly already...wakaakaka....This bbq held on Monday's night..I don't take any photos during the daylight cos I was so damn busy at that time...even to have a click for my camera also hard to do...We received lots of calls and we need to do supporting....I only got chance to took photos, only at this bbq session...Thanks god right....hehehe..So, the rest of it..just look at the photos above....~~PeaCe bebeH....
Last but not least...Last pose from us before we complete our farm visitation..

Opssss....sikit lagi tia muat...kahkahkahak

Our main item/product...this is inside the Ganoderma's House..about 10 000 Ganodermas had planted inside this house...

Photo Session with Ms. Puah (Store and Stock section)..*Basarnya stor dorang...

This was at the information area...thanks to Ah Hock for the snap..

We posed for our products hehe...

From left :- Mrs. Hii, me and Mr. Roland...(*actually both of them from Kuching's branch) showed that at behind us, that are our own Spirulina's Ponds...Nice rite...

This is me, standing in front of our new company building..We called it Cosmetic's Building which specializes in Cosmetic Products and some more, at 3rd level is our MD, CEOs, Purchasing Dept and to name a few...No luck for me on that day cos, some of the CEOs that I should meet was not in the office cos they went to project's sites....Ermm..maybe next time then rite...Anyhow, anyway...I was there and I've met lots of my colleagues..I didn't remember some of their names cos there were hundreds of them haahaha...Our visitation took about 3,4 hours..we need to do it fastly cos the Kuching's staffs need to go to Penang's Airport as they're going back to Kuching in the afternoon..During the visitation, we were guided by two staffs..First one is Mr Lim, who acting as General Admin Staff...he's kinda good and friendly person...another one is my colleague, named Cheah Beng Hock a.K.a Ah Hock...hehehe...He is from IT Dept but in Server's Section..At about 12.00pm, company's driver reached at the main entrance and fetch us..I asked the driver to drop me at the hostel and the Kuching's Staffs directly sent to Penang's Airport (Bayan Lepas)...~~PeaCe Muaah muaah