<< WhY BloGginG >>

When we talk about blogs...sure, many of you will relate it to internet, computers, journal or etc...Let me talk a bit about "Why I do blogging?"...Actually I've been tagged by Mr. Pirut...well, to answer this tag's game..here we go..I started to blog early year of 1999..Hurmm..sure I forgot already what is my url that time...haha..But for sure, I used HTML coding to make my blog and upload it at www.geocities.com, so that it can be hosted via online...

For me, blogging brought lots of experience to me. I gained few more friends, knowledges, informations and to name a few..To blog or not to blog is other kind of question...I decide blogging rather than wasting my time to do things that wouldn't give me such advantages...haha..And that's for sure..At first, it was hard for me to start blogging, but when I used to do lots of posting and template's tweaking, I found this "blogging" thing in a very interesting activity...Day by day, I like it very much...

Some of my family members and my fellow friends told me that I'm addicted to do blogging...hahaha...I never realized it...Well, that what are they saying to me..From my point of view, I didn't consider it as I'm addicted..Blogging is a very convenient platforms for those who really likes technologies such as communication, computers, networking and etc..For that reason, why, we (people who love to blog) are labeled as addicted to blog...This is why I always don't understand about other people..They are keep complaining but on the other hand, they have nothing...hahaha...(*pedas sikit nie ayat sa...kihkhikhih--->this pointed to someone...hahaha..sepa makan lada dia rasa pedas...tapi kalo dia rasa manis..utak dia something wrong...wakakaka...)..Last but not least, to summarize this post, the answer WHY I BLOGGING is only in 3 words...this is because.. I LOVE IT..~~PeacE and FuLL StoP hahaha

P/s:- Here, I wouldn't tag any blogger...hahaha..let it ended over here.... (^^)

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  1. :) wah.. lama sudah pula ko main blog ah.. lawa lah kawan... so, I know it already.. thnks 4 answer bro! Tapi, napa pula ko kasi end tu?

  2. pirut---->ya lama sudah bah gaman...since sa secondary school lagi...hahaha...bah, biarlah bah sa kasih end ini tag hehehe..biar ada kelainan sikit