SamuEL anD WoLLy WeDDinG Day

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RayNEr And NoeMI WeDDing Day

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WeasLEy And ELna WeDDinG Day

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Last few days, my mom sent an sms to me..She wrote like this "On (nama kampungan sa nie muahaha), mana kau mau kahwin, yang nurse kah atau si "*(*&^%$"?, tapi kalo mama, mama pilih sekolah dulu"...I was a bit shocked for few seconds after read that sms...and then smiling alone at the office lobby (I received the sms while sitting at the lobby actually..)...hahaha...Well, if mom said that, I think maybe its worth then...So, I replied my mom's sms and wrote "Bah, sa sekolah dulu lah"....kwang3X....Very funny right, a suddenly question from my mom and asking me such a question muahehehe...So far, my mom is the only one who really understand me. She knew with whom I fall in love with and she also advice me on how to choose a good partner...yeahh what a great mom right...Previously, I had few relationships but always broken..and for sure, my mom knew it...This time I think maybe she want me to further my study rather than building my own family...I accept her advice where I will further my study to the higher level...My first choice will be at Open University Malaysia (OUM)..and second choice will be at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)..But, that is only my first thought...It might be change in the future...As the result, I will focus on my carier and further my study first then after that will focus on building my own family..WHEN? Only God knows...hehehe...AMIN...~~PeaCe
My little 3 years old cousin, Mel Zico Best Melvin Fong....(Nakal butul ini budak nie heehhehe.....)

Blow the candle and make your wish bebeh...hehehe

My partner (bukan golpren sa kama nie, kawan rapat sa punya golpren, si Gidong a.K.a Butak) at the party, Ms. Tompok...hehehe...(Geng karas sa nie...Kunun2 bawa dia supaya dpt eskep awal..nga..tau2 nda juga terbalik awal edeiiiii.....)

Kids doing their own business on the stage...

It was a very happening night where my little cousin celebrate his 3rd birthday party. The party held at Atlantis Restaurant, Bundusan..As usual, we, the family members are compulsory to come...Ermmm...Me and Tompok arrived there at about 8.00pm..Supposed we need to reach there before 7.30pm cos the program start on 7.30pm..When we arrived there, I saw few of my cousins were at the carpark area...*hehehehe...mimang mcm tu lah derang tu..kihkikhih..Pok yang time makan baru mau masuk dalam..mau escape dari dingar2 ucapan lai tu muahehehhe...Inside the hall, I saw few tables were still empty hehehe...Keluarga sepa lai tu yang nda datang arhhh...kana sogit lai tu nanti hehehe....The dinner was a bit messy by the crowds...It looks like a "Kampung2" style where crowds need to line up to wait for their turn hahahaha..apa2 sija lah kan.....On that night also, I saw few activities were made such as "Oka-Oka" dance, Children Fashion Show and Karaoke Session....Me and Tompok left the party at about 9.30pm and straight away to Hunter for another friend's birthday celebration...~~PeaCe anD lalalalalalala...
Me and Lumis at the deck..we're waiting for the Hornbills and monkeys to show off...

Whohooo....Half naked me...hahaha

Company that invite us to feel the jungle environment at Utan Borneo Paradise

Waterfall that 20 minutes walk from the camp area...

After the "Gotong-Royong" to move the sign board....

I was caught by Olumis...(*Sa kadapatan tidur, kana gambar sebagai bukti dii huhuhu)

I was so natural when singing hahaha...*Sa feeling bai tu..tulah sambil tinguk hutan time nyanyi

I don't know how's the rendition guys....hahaha..tulah sumbang ngeh ngeh ngeh

Lumis teaching me the lines...hehehe...*Siou kio, post time gia sa ikut caroling nie hehehe

Jungle trekking to the 1st waterfall...(*Sa tukang gambar nie....lallalalala....)

It was dinner time...Look at the Fried Fermented Fish...hahaha...Sadapppppp...

Witches of the night....

Whoohoo...It was a really great trip on 22nd Of November 2008 (Saturday)...Actually it was an un-planned trip hahaha...Yeah, I considered it like that...Supposed, we, the o2c family have our carol's practice at Jr's house but then again we changed the plan where we went to Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge somewhere at Kimanis-Keningau road...It was also a great time for us cos we met and mingle around with other group...hahaha...thanks to the friendly bunch of friends, Mr. Clement, Mr. Max, Mr. Jeff, Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Eddie, Mr. Inus and few of them...We had our photo shooting session, games (Men bunuh2 and tilik nasib hehehe)...and most memorable time was when we had our delicious dinner...It was a simple dinner but we had it like a five star meals...Some of the menus are fried fermented fish (Cooked by me hehehe), Cabbage with "Bilis" (Cooked by Lumis), BBQ (By Sumpit, Gidong, Jeff) and "Tuhau"...hahaha...very "Kampung2" style right...?? So, pictures above will give you some overview about this place...~~PeaCe and Enjoy....

*Credit goes to Olumis for the pictures...
10 Comments last I made my own profile at Facebook (cari sondiri profile sa sono hahaha)...huh!!!I just joined it few days ago..I heard this facebook's web before but never try it until now..Uhuksss..Most important is I'm a "FacebooKer" already...yihaaa...Am I feeling great?? Ermm..not at the moment, cos I think this site is just like an ordinary linking/community site that I've known hahaha...Some of my friends are really into this site...I also didn't know on what reason they felt like that..huh!! *sighing...whateverlah...They said this community site is much better than, I think I will give it a try, then we see how it goes...Maybe my friend correct or maybe not...haha..Who knows rite?..Only god knows...End...~~PeaCe Bebeh Muaah Muaah
Click Image to Enlarge

Huh!! What a day...It's been raining since early this morning...As usual, not many things I need to do in the office...All my projects and tasks successfully completed on October, this year.So, this means for November and December will be no tasks or projects for me...My next projects will be only start somewhere around February next year....Means no heavy work for 3 months hehehe...*syok kan...but, still need to go to the office as usual lah....Sometimes I felt like "wow...siok owh kalo camnie..." but then will re-think it again about how this affect my IT skills...Less work will not improve my skills and knowledge, and that is for sure...It has been few months already and I still think about it...*Huh...*Sighing.....I did try to find another new jobs but so far, none of it satisfied me...*Terpaksa lagi tunggu peluang...hehehe....apa2 jak lah kan...Owh ya, picture above is my 2008's December schedule...hehe...cuti kaw2 punya kan muaahahahaa...Bah, if not my leave will be forfeited worrr...sayang maahhh....our company only allowed thier staffs to carry forward 15 days leave to next year..more than that will be automatically forfeited....So, I'm free from 20th Dec 2008 until 1st of January 2009...Yihaaaa.....~~PeaCe...muAhhh...muaHhhh

A video with "Boros Tokou" title...

A video with "Kadai Makan" title...

A video with "Rahsia Terpendam" title..

Bravo and thumbs up to the maker of these 3 videos...What a great and enjoying videos...hahaha..I really like it...Very funny and very nice to watch..These videos have its own morality values....It doesn't matter if the quality is not that good as in the television..We should be thankful for it...huhu..So, as a credit to the video maker, I post this video inside my kasih promote kamurang sikit2 lah hehehe.....~~PeaCe and GudNite
Blank dialog box saved from PS blogspot...

This picture already edited by me..Do read the conversation then..

Whoohoo...again got tagged from Ms. PS...(*Macam gumbira saja kana tagged kan...padahal banyak sudah tags sa nda buat..terutama si Cicak punya hahaha..siou kama tompinai....)..Quite same like girllyen's tag which need us to fill in the dialog boxes...So, this conversation made by me...Siou to Kuai and Sumpit hahaha....~~PeaCe...
First drawer : I didn't see any "unwanted" stuff

2nd Drawer : I only saw messed stuff inside it...

2nd Drawer : After double check the place..I spotted this "things"...muahahaha

2nd Drawer : This "stuff" clearly spotted which I already "Zoom" it by using my phone camera...

This morning I sat at Ground Floor (Operation Department) counter..While doing my inspection for the CCTV Server, I tried to look into our staff's ID Tag's drawer (Once you're staff, you definitely have the authority to do for me...hehehe.."Mau cari makanan lah especially biscuit bah muahahaha....)....Actually this drawer located at the front of our ground floor lobby (Counter where customer get/take their purchased products/items)...These drawer are used to put all of the staff ID Tags (Including mine) and it is not a personal drawer for sure....1st drawer is for the girls and the 2nd drawer is for the boys......ermmm..I found nothing special inside the 1st drawer..then I moved to 2nd drawer..There, I only saw a normal messed stuff inside it..I tried to look again inside the 2nd drawer, and this time there was something captured my eyes...Please look at the 3rd and 4th pictures all will know what I'm saying right now...kahkahkahkah...well, men matters bah tu kan...we are adult already..for me no big deal...hahahaha....kihkihkih..It was a "Durex" a.K.a Condome muahahaha...**Phewiiitttt...SAFETY FIRST mangkali dorang (My colleagues (Operation Dept)) tu hahahaha..Bah, that's all for now..need to continue my work then...see ya...huhuuhu..~~PeaCe anD haVe a Nice Day
Click image to enlarge..

Hahaha...this photo taken during o2c's meeting at Aesha Restaurant yesterday (16/11/2008)..Credit goes to Girllyen (please refer to my blogger's friend lists) for the photo..I just visited her blog and the tag begins there where she post a photo with empty dialog boxes...So, for the rules or whatever it is, you need to fill some text inside the dialog boxes..As for me, I already done my part...haahaha...To PS, Sumpit and Mesh, forgive me for the words ya...hahaha..for fun only lapar...want to take my lunch then...
The coffin just reach to the grave area...

Family member and some of the neighbour help each other to put the coffin inside the hole..

They start to fill back the hole again...

Almost finish...

The deceased's cousin put the flower on top of it...

They light up the candles...

For the last respect....they (cousins) pray for their deceased cousin...

This morning, I received an sms from my first cousin saying that our other cousin (my 2nd cousin) has passed away..I was shocked and felt a bit sad...The deceased was a very kind, happening and friendly type of person...He passed away at his 19th years old age (too young to die kan...*sob*sob*sob....), after drank some of grass poison...huh!!!..From the information that I heard, the deceased was so devastated after losing his girlfriend and his condition became worst after his mother scolded him because dringking too much (Alcohol related)..As the result, he drank maybe a cup or two of grass poison (Garamaxon)...What a fool kan ????.. Last 2 weeks I heard a quite same case like this but at different place...I'm so disappointed when someone took their life early than it should be...Sometimes I'm confused, why these poor mind people did things like this???...This is SUICIDE!!!!..... Huh!!!***Sighing..... Well, what to do..they choosed this way, so, there's nothing much we can do...May god bless him and his family...AMIN.....
Hehehe..this "Bosou" is so damn good....

Huhuhuhu...saw it or not??

It's good if there are some chili's inside it....

Nyammm...nyam...These two are share!!!

Whoohooo..."Bosou" or commonly called "Pekasam" by the Malay people is one of the Sabahan traditional Food..I mean fermented food...hahaha....The taste is a bit sour and will be a bit spicy if there got chili inside it..Normally "Bosou" are made from Cooked Rice, Fresh Fish (Biasanya ikan "Turongou" lah....), Little Salt and for the additional ingredients, they put some chilis (Hot chili), "Umbut Pisang", "Tuhau" and white chili...For the main ingredient, we also can use some fresh meat (*Korang paham2 lah itu "meat" apa kan hahahaha....)...It depends on the person who made it actually...Owh ya...I still remember when I was still young where my dad always make this food for our family..Well, you know when it turns to years back...*Hidup susah, this is the only food which can save lots of ringgit...Being a "Tambunian" from Sunsuron area, my dad really have the talent to make this "Bosou"...Very delicious you know...hahaha..Promoting kai nie hahaha...But, really I tell you, it's really nice...One thing I need to advice to those who want to try it for the first time, please and try it when you really ready yourself...hahaha..You need to take your own risk...If you can stand the smell of "Budu" or "Cencaluk", you can go for it then...Owh ya, I believed that some of you out there sometimes missed a lot this thing..don't worry, I have contacts who can provide this "Bosou"...*Macam business kan...?? hahaha..Do contact me then for reservation...muahahhaa.
No fuel surcharge and 500,000 free seats: AirAsia

KUALA LUMPUR: All AirAsia and AirAsia X passengers will now no longer have to pay for the fuel surcharge for all local and international flights.

AirAsia Bhd group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes said the move - effective Tuesday - would mean that passengers would now only have to pay for the fare, airport tax and administration fee when flying with them.

Fernandes explained that “getting rid of the fuel surcharge” would not affect the base rate of the air fare, but he could not guarantee that the airline would never re-impose the surcharge should world fuel prices skyrocket again.

“We're not increasing the base rate. It is what it is.

“But if fuel prices shoot up ... I’ll be crazy to say I’ll never add the fuel surcharge again. But we will resist for as long as we can,” he told reporters Tuesday after making the announcement here.

The check-in baggage handling fee, however, would be maintained as it was imposed not only because of rising fuel prices earlier this year.

“We did it (in April) for three reasons - fuel prices, to limit the number of luggage, and to be more environmentally-friendly.

“The lighter the plane is, the less emissions it will have,” he said.

Fernandes also announced that beginning Wednesday, the airline would be offering some 500,000 free seats to all AirAsia destinations.

The booking period is until Sunday, and the travel period for the free seats is from June 22 to Oct 24 next year.

“There are two ways to deal with a slow economy. You’ve got to give more value, and you’ve got to stimulate people to travel.

“That’s what we’re doing now,” he said.

On the fuel surcharge, he said that it had previously cost passengers an average of RM47 per person.

Asked how the he planned to deal with the impact by removing the fuel surcharge, he replied:

“Higher load factor and newer initiatives to increase our revenue will help cover it. We’re keeping our 76% load factor, while adding 20% more seats.

“We’ll look at other ways of increasing our revenue. The easiest drug is fuel surcharge but it also destroys the business.”

Also present at the announcement was Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, who applauded AirAsia’s move.

Bobby said:- Wow!!! what a blast....hahaha...Thumbs up to Air Asia cos convinced me more to use their flight...I'm expecting that the flight fee should be reduced already since the fuel surcharge already cut off...hahahha...~~PeaCe and murah-murah....hahaha

Cas Haley Album Cover

I sat down in front of the tv just now and watched American Got Talent 2007...I did saw the first finale group last two weeks and tonight I watched the 2nd finale group where I found that the 2nd group much better than the first group...Tonight I saw two fantastic and amazing contestants..They are Cas Haley and Terry Fator...

From the info that I searched from the net, Terry Fator won the 2007's American Got Talent and the first Runner-up goes to Cas Haley...Ermm...sad cos I missed this show on Astro...*Terlampau sibuk bah.....Eventhough Terry won the reality show, I still love Cas Haley cos for me, he got an amazing voice and trademark...huh!! He can play guitar, he can compose songs, write songs and sang very well with his own rendition...I went through the youtube and watched few of his clips...One of his best clip is as below...

So, for the comparison, I will put also Terry Fator clip down here :-....

For this contestant, Terry Fator, I do like his performance and honestly I enjoyed some of his performances...Congratulations Terry!!!!
My new look after the birthday celebration....huhuhu...*Gundul kan...

This picture took before I cut my hair....The night before I cut my hair

Another number added in my age...huh!! **Gontua udah dii niii.....Well, again I'm very thankful cos got the chance to celebrate my 24th years old birthday on 8th November 2008...A new number is just came and it tells me that I'm at a new age...Whoohooo...(*People are getting old I right?...hehehe..So, please don't be afraid to be old...)..As for my birthday, I had a very happening one where my O2C's family group arranged it for me (From Fook Yuen, we move to Hunter Karaoke Pub and Lounge at Kinabalu Daya Hotel)...Honestly, I never had a good one before...Not forget to the others who wished happy birthday to me..I love you all...Muaah Muaah Muaahh...May God bless all of you..

As for my deep appreciations, below are some of the people who wished me for my 24th birthday...But before that, I want to say sorry if I missed some of the names here...hehehe

My beloved mum
Ehh...hari jadi ko nari kah??? Bah...happy bopday lah....

Mr Xavier Edward
Happy Birthday, and may you grow even more mature and healthier than you used to be a year ago. :o)

Jason Jay
Sa ada dinner di Atlantis. Kalo sempat sia singgah d Hunter. Baru balik juga dari Ranau. Jumpa nanti jak. Hepi bofday bob.

Fredo R.
Ba happy gontua nodi..hehe...Happy birthday! Semoga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki pastu blanja...Haha

*Phone Call*--->Thanks to him hehehe


Happy Birthday!! hahahaha kasih tau mummy ko, ko kacau cewek Lawas

Happy Birthday boby! Hehe balik kampung saya ni...

Bah jam 12...Ko tua suda dari sa..Wakakakakakaka

Tompok & Cell
Happy Birthday......(Sa lupa sudah heheheh....mangkali lah...abis nda dingar time di Hunter kan...)

Robert E.D
Selamat Hari Jadi Bobby..

Askum! Selamat Hari Lahir Bobby! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki aa...Insyaallah!!

Sorry bos..lambat wish....apa2 pun, Happy Birthday kio...Nah, tua uda..bah kahwin lah cepat2

Junior o2c
Selamat Hari Jadi..Semoga dirahmati dengan ramai anak hinggalah ke cucu cicit....

Mesh o2c
Kotoh kogutan..tapi hepi besday poh gulu la...hahaha

Mahapson o2c
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY...... alamak.... tiada de hadiah utk kau ni kan.... hee..hee.. bah.... belanja kama de..... hee..hee

Lumis o2c
hafyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bobbyyyyyyy :)

PS o2c
Bubi daling Hepi advance bday kio :D hug hug

West o2c
Happy Birthday bob!!!!!

Mell F
oh,it's ur bufday today..happy bday yg ke 2x la tau..hehe

bubi happi bofday kioooo..

Happy Birthday Bobby....

MISS U A LOT, have a nice Birthday :)

Happy Birthday!!!

Rija Muhammad (Indonesia)
happy bday yah Bob! smoga kebahagiaan selalu iringi langkah mu! :)
enjoy ur great time my friend! :)

Lisa Lawas o2c
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!!!! party plzzzzzzzzzzz...hahaha....wishing u all the best ;)

Jim (Phillipines)
Happy Birthday Bobby!!!

Judith G
Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday ya!!!!

Nicole Jane
Happy BIRTHDAY Bobby....!!!

Junior Newton
HAppy BestDay GEng...
Huhuhuh, ceria2 la slalu....

Whale (Indonesia)
hapi bdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy....

Ron (Phillipines)
Happy Birthday!!!!!

Bahatungau a.K.a Ateng
Selamat Hari Jadi geng....

Bah...apy besday poh la....

Jimmy Rasiki
Happy bofday kio....

Kau kah bofday ini misti mau kasih minum nie....Bah, minum itu Chivas sampai 5 saat..Sa bagi ko RM10

Mike Hunter
Happy bofday Bob

Bobby said---->The lists stop here...too many to write it hahaahha.....thanks again to my other friends that are not in the lists, my family members (My aunties, Uncles, Brother and Sister, cousins)...and to them who gave me a happy birthday wish via phone call....I LOVE YOU ALL....
Yesterday, a friend of mine came to my office to have a chit chat with me. During the conversations, we suddenly came to "Detoxification" matters. He asked me how I maintained my health all these whiles. He knew that I took alcohol and fast food too often and these "Bad attitude" made him really want to know how I did the detoxification...For sure, few of my friends also want to know how I did it...hehehe..*Mangkali lah kan...muahahaha...Honestly to say, actually I took some supplements daily in my life..Few supplements that I think I can detox my body...For those who don't know what is Detoxification all about, below is the description for "Detoxification" term...

Detoxification, or detox for short is the removal of toxic substances from the body. In conventional medicine, detoxification can also be achieved artificially by techniques such as dialysis and (in a very limited number of cases) chelation therapy. There is a firm scientific base in evidence-based medicine for this type of detoxification. Many alternative medicine practitioners promote various other types of detoxification such as "diet detoxification" but there's no evidence that detox diets have any health benefits.[1]

Detoxification can also refer to the period of withdrawal during which a person's body to return to homeostasis after long-term use of an addictive substance.-Article grabbed from

Below are two products that I took daily for almost 3 years.

Ganocelium (GL)
Ganocelium® (GL) is produced from a 18-day old mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum. The mycelium is rich in polysaccharides, adenosine, organic germanium, triterpenes, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

GL is effective in improving the general health of our body.

Like RG, Ganocelium® is also available in both capsule and powder forms.

Packaging size:
- 30, 90 and 360 capsules
- 30g powder/ bottle

Reishi Gano (RG)
Reishi Gano (RG) is a kind of mushroom essence formulated from Ganoderma lucidum. It contains a wide variety of nutrients such as polysaccharides, adenosine, triterpenoids, protein and fibre.

The applied Ganoderma lucidum is harvested from a 90-day old red mushroom. Comes in capsule and powder forms, daily intake of Reishi Gano (RG) helps in normalizing the entire body functions and maintains the healthy well being.

Packaging size:
- 30, 90 and 360 capsules
- 15g powder/ bottle
Hehehe..ghost can sing also maahhh....***ghost buster nie....kehkehkekhe is it?...

Side view's me....I came out with this

Mamai, me and Mike (Gidong's younger brother)

This is me...I won the Best Male O2C Halloween Party 2008 (Not sure about costume or best male...itu piala sakap best male...hantam jaklah...nda kisah pun hahahaha)..

Group photo...O2C family

PS and me...this one after the judging haha...

Me, Mesh and Sumpit....Nice rite....hehehe

Dracula sing a song, Zombie a.K.a Tini ChunLi and Bobby the Pocong2...hahaha

Whooohooo...It was a superb night where O2C family had a great time...It was a small party but I think it was good enough...Even though the food/dinner not enough for everyone, but, I still enjoyed myself and same goes to the others....At first, I decided to appear as a "Dead Contractor Man" but due to some unsuitable costume, I came out with this "Pocong Costume"....hahaha..well, I think it works that night....Well, I only spent around RM20 (Fake blood liquid) for that appearance cos the costume I made it myself by using additonal white metred clothes...I bought the "Fake Blood" liquid from Party Shop at Wisma Karamunsing Mall..Owh..ya, it was a hard competition where everyone came with their own idea and full of creativity...So, do enjoy some of the pictures on that night...more pictures will be publish soon....~~PeaCe anD YihAAaaa

Credits goes to Mesh, Esther and PS for the pictures...thanks ya...