SamuEL anD WoLLy WeDDinG Day

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RayNEr And NoeMI WeDDing Day

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WeasLEy And ELna WeDDinG Day

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‘One in a Million Season Two’ winner Norayu (Ayu) Damit (second from right) performing her winning songs after the results were announced last night. — NST picture by Mohd Radzi Bujang

SHAH ALAM: The RM1 million prize in 8TV's popular reality talent show One In A Million Season Two (OIAM2) went to petite Sabahan Norayu (Ayu) Damit of Putatan, near Kota Kinabalu.

The 19-year-old Bajau lass, a reject of One In A Million Season One (OIAM1) two years ago, beat recording artistes Siti Sarah Rai- suddin, 24, and Shahila (Shila) Amir Amzah, 18, to win the cash prize in the show's grand finals broadcast from Stadium Melawati here at 9pm yesterday.

She performed three songs -- Samudera, Ceritera Cinta and also Hanya di Mercu (a new song written by Habsah Hassan and composed by Aubrey Suwito), impressing judges Paul Moss and Syafinaz Selamat.

Shila, daughter of 1980s singer and television host N.D. Lala, and Siti Sarah, daughter of 1980s singer Raisuddin Hamzah, finished second and third respectively.

The grand final was hosted by actor Awal Ashaari and television personality Marion Caunter.
Its first season was won by Suki Low of Seremban.

* Credit goes to

My PoinT Of VieW :-

Ermm..what should I say here...actually from the beginning, my instinct said that Norayu Bte Damit (Ayu), 19, will be the winner in this reality competition...huhuhu...So, last night, everyone's doubts answered and I felt so happy to hear that Ayu won the competition. Based on the performance, I dare to say that Ayu beat Shila with her organic + natural performance..Wow and a big clap for Ayu. When Ayu sang the first song which was Samudera and this song picked by the judges, Syafinaz and Paul Moss, I realized that, Ayu performed it differently..She put little improvisation on it..So, got different rendition if we compared to her previous performance...This was how we considered and evaluate Ayu as a good performer...Her second performance really put my head up in the sky..She was really good last night...performed song, Ceritera Cinta..I espect she will sing it like the way she sang it previously in this competition..When she start to sing this song, I heard a different rendition also and this time she sang smoothly and the voice wave really obvious...huhuhuhu... Good are so good....I still remembered last night that Paul Moss acted so happily...harr..har..har....Ayu's last song which is her brand new single, clarify everything about her ability as a good singer and performer...we can't deny that, its hard to sing a new song and give satisfaction to the audience and to the judges itself...huhuhhuh...but, Ayu proved to everyone and to Malaysian all over the country that she can sing it very well....Last but not least, we proud of you Ayu...SABAH BOLEH BAH
Who will win the RM1 million? Will it be AIM winner Sarah? Will it be Shila, daughter of a famous artist? Or Ayu, a small town Sabah lass?

We have finally reached the Grand Finale of the second season of One In A Million!

From over 2,000 hopefuls from all over the country who auditioned, we are now down to the Top-3 and we are just merely days away to crowning the one person who will walk away with the RM1, 000, 000 prize.

The Top-3 finalist, Ayu, Shila and Sarah, are three extremely talented singers that have captivated the hearts of Malaysians throughout the competition.

Who will be the winner of the coveted title come 29 February 2008?

"I am proud to say that these 3 finalists are yet the best Top-3 that 8TV has ever seen in any reality talent-search competition. This has been a real dramatic season that has resulted in these three amazingly talented singers fighting it out for the biggest prize on Malaysian TV," said 8TV’s Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Izham Omar.

"This is going to be a really tough and exciting fight as three are no clear favourites. Anyone of them can win it. It really depends on who can create that magic that night."

Who will be put under the harsh spotlight and sent home packing during what can only be termed as one of the most nerve-wrecking knock-off rounds in reality TV history? The remaining two contestants will have their votes running until the end of the show when the One In A Million winner will be announced.

"The big drama would be that only two finalists will be able to compete that night," added Izham.

"One In A Million eliminates the lowest votes at the start of every show, and the Grand Finale is no exception. This means that, yes, the Top-3 will be going to the Grand Finale, but ONLY TWO will be allowed to compete. The lowest vote-getter of the Top-3 will be eliminated at the beginning of the Grand Finale and not be allowed to compete."

The highly anticipated One In A Million Grand Finale will be held this Friday, 29 February 2008 at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam and will be broadcasted at 9pm exclusively on 8TV.

Numerous established local and international songwriters have submitted songs for the finalists as each finalist will have to sing a new song as part of the competition in the finale. The line-up of the new songs selected for the top three include songs from established songwriters and lyricists including Aubrey Suwito, Audi Mok, Habsah Hassan, Nur Fatima and Tinta-s.

"Each song was written specifically for each singer and I must say they are all excellent songs. It was so hard to choose the final three songs as we have received really great songs not just from Malaysia, but also from Singapore, Australia and even the United States," Izham said.

The One In A Million Grand Finale will also feature a reunion performance from the rest of the Top 12 contestants. There will also be a special performance from the up-and-coming independent band 'Hujan'.

For the benefit of fans and viewers, the winner's song will be available immediately on the website right after the winner is announced. A compilation album featuring the winner's song and all the other songs in the One In A Million Grand Finale show will also be released in a few weeks.


To those who would like to attend the One In A Million Grand Finale at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, they are advised to look out for TV announcements on 8TV or from official radio stations of One In A Million – Fly FM and HOT FM. Tickets are also available at the guard house of Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama from 25 – 28 February during office hours.

Fans can also go to forum to get tickets!

*Credit goes to




* Out to go there, now is 10.25am, 29th February 2008
Hurmm.....seemed that our national election's day mode is ON already...I saw few more flayers and advertisements on my way to work this morning....**sigh***...After I saw this kind of environment, I remembered my time long time ago...I admit that when I still young, the "pembangkang" parties were very strong that time...Even BN cannot challenge them...I still remember my mom, my dad and other relatives, get ready early in the morning..That time also, we still don't have our own car..***biasalah dulu miskin...heheh...kalo sia ingat balik..sedih pula....well, things had changed today...hahah..passed is passed rite....Ok, so we back to my story...My parents and other relatives need to walk about 6km from our house to the main road outside our village...huhuhuhu...very pathetic kan...but, what to do...*****sia pun pernah jalan kaki time dulu2 masa pi parents can't afford us to use "Bas Sekolah"...So, me and my other siblings don't have choice...forced ourselves to walk as early as we could..kalo lambat jalan nanti lambat pi sekolah..edeiiiii....Long time ago, if I'm not mistaken, voting place always at several selected school..such as..SK Darau Menggatal, SK Gudon, SRJK Goodshepperd and to name a few...hahaha..itu jak yang sia ingat...and for you information, last time campaign is more happening than these days....Flayers and posters everywhere...Banner also hanged along the main cool rite....but, seems that this campaign lost its "Ummphhh".....huhuuhu...Totally changed...hurrmmm....*Sigh......Last but not least...PEOPLE OUT THERE..PLEASE VOTE FOR THE BEST ONE AMONG THE BEST...YOUR VOTE ARE YOURS AND YOUR CHILDREN's FUTURE....
0 Comments application for Air tickets and Accommodation approved by our top management...har...har...har......So, Tawau, Keningau and I week lah..muahhahaah....So, as schedule :-

Tawau - 6th and 7th of March 2008
Beaufort & Keningau - 8th and 9th of March 2008, I will not go for voting on 8th....biarlah...ramai juga yang pigi mengundi...I don't think my vote is important..hahahah...*tau tau bulum berdaftar...wakakakakakak.....
Photo taken on*&^%$...lupa sudah

At &^%$#&*..tia tau apaini tampat..wakakaa

Errmmm...since afternoon my blog template's setting got problem..when I try to publish something, the main table for posting will automatically increased the width of the table..huh..damn**Never faced this kind of problem before and I hate it so much...(Buat punya buat...last2 tertidur depan pc....di opis lagi nie...wakakakak)...Maybe I forced my right brain too much...wakakakaak...**Budu kan...adakah gitu...If I'm not mistaken these pictures took long time ago after we (Jimmy and Yvonne (Branch Manager)) did a spot check to our company's site at Papar...Yvonne asked me to stop somewhere cos' she want to go to the toilet...hahaha..So, I stopped her at *&(&^%....nah...apaitu..jgn pikir bukan2..cos' sia nda tau apa nama nie tempat yang sia berenti...har..har..har.......While waiting for Yvonne, me and Jimmy sempat ambil2 gambar maahhh.....hahaha..and some of the pictures are as above....

Ayu With Jaclyn Victor (Top 5-OIAM)

My Heart Will Go on (Ayu OIAM -Top 6)

Tari Tualang Tiga (Ayu OIAM - Top 7)

Well you all, we cannot deny that how big and how strong her voice in One In A Million (OIAM) competition. From the beginning I really like this contestant....In my opinion, she has a very unique, strong, and good voice rendition...Honestly I really like this Sabahan contestant. Since the beginning, I already told my family and other friends that this person can go far and will go for the finale...Yes, now...all my guesses answered already...huhuhuhu...----->my instinct tell the truth bah...hahahaah...Last but not least, she really made it to the final...go Ayu..go..make us proud...make Sabah and Sabahan proud..we will support you...

p/s :- So, sepa2 yang ignore opinion sia dulu tue pasal si's my turn to revenge..hahaha...Especially my elder brother...muakakakka...ko bilang ko mau balanja kalo Ayu masuk final kan...kan..kan...jangan kama pura2 lupa..sia ingat tu...huhuhuhu
Been busy for passed few days...I felt so tired, body and mind are affected..huhuhhu..Now, still busy scheduling my Outstation Trip to Tawau , Keningau, Beaufort and some parts of Sarawak's places....well, seemed I didn't travel to visit our company's site for quite long are my Schedule for this week which I consider a bit rushing to visit these sites...The schedule are as below:-

6th Of March 2008---->fly to Tawau at about 4pm (Re-scheduled)
7th Of March 2008---->Fly back to KK at about 5pm (Re-scheduled)
08th Of March 2008---->drive to Keningau (Re-scheduled)
9th Of March 2008---->Drive back to KK..will use Kimanis-KK road...Save time maahhh...lagipun need to singgah Beaufort's site... (Re-scheduled)

Next Week
Start on ?th Of March 2008---->Will fly to Kuching--->will inform later
The other places will decide later....(Bingung2 sudah nie.....)

p/s :- Nanti pi keningau...sia mau cari tajau...adakah...sepa urang keningau......FredDass, Filexdoom, Maung, Poowok, Leo, Dogoes, Fredo, Gurangak, Pirut and to name a few...----->please take attention kio...muahhaahahaha
How is it? heheheh...a very friendly friend..Ivy Alexandra

Also with Reno Fredo (KDM Idol-Winner)

Reno, Bobby and Sannie...heheh....kawan si Reno bai tu..

Another picture of us last night

Me, Jimmy Walter and our Operation Manager, Mr Nicholas......

Last night was a very interesting and happening night that I ever had...Spent time with my other colleagues and off course with our manager from Kuching site which is Mr. Nicholas...Well, seemed our manager will be going back to Kuching, so, me and other staffs planned to hangout somewhere in KK city. We went to Hunter Pub & Karaoke Lounge at Kinabalu Daya Hotel to enjoy our night..wakaaka..There we also met with our local Singer and can say friend also lah..Thanks to Reno, Sannie, Ivy, Jane and few others....Pictures above will show you all how was the environment last night...Enjoy it...huhuhuhu
Front gate of Kundasang's War Memorial

The actual story of this place--->Malay Version

You can read the history over here

Fund Box that provided by the management

Australia tragic but proud heritage

Here are few information about Kinabalu War Memorial Kundasang. For those who are interested to know more about this place, do visit it your own. It's very interesting place....wink*wink*
Last pose before going back home...

" I want this, that one and this much?"....

Ranau's Hotspring

I invited our manager and his son to try out our " Koubasanan Tokou "..huhuh..lihing bah...

At Kundasang War Memorial's Deck

Last but not least, pictures above are some of the pictures that I took during my visitation to Ranau..lots of pictures taken but sorry cannot upload more...(panattttt...bah mau upload...), this entry is the last one for my trip to Ranau last week....chau cin cauuuu...muekekkeke
Anybody want to buy fruitsss.....huhuhuh

Nice environment over here...(hehehe...masiam bulih kasih masuk jak tu manggis di beg sia kan..wakaakaka)

New Chalet-photo 1

At the balconi--->Kami pura2 jadi model untuk ni chalet...muahahah

Room 14 okieeee...nice accomodation anyway...

uiksss...what the *&^%$......hurmm...whatever....(uiseyy...jirawat nampak2..wakakak)

How fantastic this place..huhuhu....will come here again soon....I will bebeh...wakaka

So, my friends and other enjoy my 2nd uploaded pictures...will upload the 3rd one tomorrow...I hope so lah....(kalo nda busy lah...nie pun last minute nie post nie entry abis tadi busy memanjang...)..ok guys, need to go home..tata titi tutu...kau ting ngau....muhehehee

Huuhuhuhh...(Kitaiii punya pamadam api...pi interpreme sono..wakkak)

Hanging Bridge...(Nda takut abis besa sudah k....)

Hurmmm...what kind of pose was that---->*Jimmy..ko yang bagi idea tu kan

This one I consider as a candid one....(tiba2 my colleague pi snapped...huhuh)

From left ---->me, Mr. Nicholas Kudang Garia (New Operation Manager) and his son, Mr. Carlos

What the hell that the fire entinguisher doing there.....--->interpreme jak kerja dia kan...wakakakak

From left---->Jimmy (Store PIC), Mr.Nicholas and me

Sorry for the dark picture...huhu

While talking to me friend on the phone, Jimmy took the oppurtunity to snap this...---->men bida kan...

This is Jimmy's hometown...huhuhhuhu...----->Urang Ranau pula ko...baru sia tau..wakakakak

huuuhhhh...It was a really nice journey to Ranau's area..Actually this trip I suggest to our new Operation Manager last week on Friday...Yalah..since, he is just a temporarily Manager for two weeks, at least we need to bring him to look around few places maaahhhh...Owhhh ya, Mr. Nicholas is from Kuching, Sarawak. He is the person who handled our branch over there..So, he's transferred to Kota kinabalu until a new manager start to work..I heard the new manager will be in our branch on the 25th of February...Originally from Alor Setar..and the manager is a woman and most important thing..she is still SINGLE...muekekekekek...-------> ada chan' lai nie kan...wakakakaak.....Ok, back to my story about the trip yesterday...So, we decided to go to Ranau yesterday...At first I felt a bit uncomfortable cos' the weather is not very good...since yesterday it was raining non-stop...But, I told Jimmy that there will be ok when we reach to Ranau...So, our journey started on 8.00am in the morning where Jimmy fetched me at my house nearly that time..Then, we fetched our manager and his son at beverly's area where our company's hostel located.......Oklah..will continue it later...mau buat kerja sikit lu
Eating timeeee

Some of the uncooked stuffs

Barbeque Time....

So smooth...wakakakak....ate like we are in our own house

Our New Operation Manager with his son...(In the middle and left side)

Ngeh ngeh ngeh

Two Staffs from Operation Department (Lincoln and Jimmy)

Ready to serve.....

"Where's the prawnnn bebehh...wakakaka"

Last nite, we had our dinner at Kampung Nelayan Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There were 7 of us from Kota kInabalu Branch...We reached there at about 6.35 pm....fuhh...I tell you was really happening..with the food and the barbeque itself....hahahah..our new manager for Operation Department also had a great time with us.....thank you Mr. Nicholas...hahahah..well..ko jugalah paling sporting...muhahahahahaah...we left that place at about 8.30pm...took almost 2 hours to have our dinner..wakakakaka...try to imagine how big my stomach then...hahahaah......
AfTEr thE EaTinG session...muekekek...(Salasaiiiii)

Fresh Steam Talapia with ginger....(Daddy sia punya favrite nieee)

Delicious Stingray with "sambal"

Still waiting for the Steamed Talapia

This is my elder sister

This is my beloved mum

These are my elder brother and my beloved dad... was Valentine's day yesterday....and last nite we (Some of my family members except my eldest brother---->dia busy sama sumandak dia kahkahakhak) went to have dinner somewhere in Inanam area....When I arrived at home, my mum asked me to ready myself cos we will have our dinner tonight...Wahh...tengah lapar lagi sia, I took my bath and get ready everything..but tonight..I told my dad and my brother that I'm too tired too, decided to follow them lorrrrr....At the restaurant, Every meals ordered by me hahahah..that's me bah...whenever we went out for dinner or what so ever, when it turns to food....I will incharge...kahkahakhakhakha.....well, you know...musti mau yang sedap bah....wakaakakak....The meals and drinks last nite are as below :-

Fresh Steam Talapia
Kailan with chicken
Stingray with sambal
Chicken Soup
Fried Chicken With Mayonis

Chinese Tea Ping (Mum and dad)
Kichai ping (Me)
Hot Coffee (Elder Sister)
Coffee Ping (Elder Brother)

So, we ate as that place like our house----->kahkahahka...paham2 lah...kapala ikan apa jadi...muahahhaha...Owh before I forgot to tell you all..the total was RM66.80....Quite cheap kan...wakakakaak