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How is it? heheheh...a very friendly friend..Ivy Alexandra

Also with Reno Fredo (KDM Idol-Winner)

Reno, Bobby and Sannie...heheh....kawan si Reno bai tu..

Another picture of us last night

Me, Jimmy Walter and our Operation Manager, Mr Nicholas......

Last night was a very interesting and happening night that I ever had...Spent time with my other colleagues and off course with our manager from Kuching site which is Mr. Nicholas...Well, seemed our manager will be going back to Kuching, so, me and other staffs planned to hangout somewhere in KK city. We went to Hunter Pub & Karaoke Lounge at Kinabalu Daya Hotel to enjoy our night..wakaaka..There we also met with our local Singer and can say friend also lah..Thanks to Reno, Sannie, Ivy, Jane and few others....Pictures above will show you all how was the environment last night...Enjoy it...huhuhuhu