SamuEL anD WoLLy WeDDinG Day

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RayNEr And NoeMI WeDDing Day

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WeasLEy And ELna WeDDinG Day

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Did you see what I see??? *wink*wink

My Cousin, Ms Kellyn Biun Magunting...*Alumakkk...jirawat timbul...time is not so good hahaha

Hurrmm...Just an amatuer...hahaha..*13 %$#@...hahaahah

Another cousin of mine..If you still remember her..Ms. Rounnah Beb Robert (3rd place in Miss Sabah World 2008)-->time dia sweet 15 kali nie...rkekreke

I don't know, why I really like this because of that unggun api kan...hahaha...

My little cousin also, Brendon Robert (Adik si Rounnah ba dia nie...yang paling kiri tu)

A bunch of my old friends...Warrant, Chris, Lister and Charles..*time bujang2 kama

Trying to act happy...*padahal nauk ee....doi kamurang bah...balakon hahaha

This morning, my cousin, Bentz, came to my office and seeking for my help to check his desktop...Well, during my journey to look inside his pc..I found this Kaamatan pictures..took somewhere in the year of 2004..At that time, I was in KL..College Student maahh...hahaha..So, I posted some of the photos where I found it a bit funny...hahhaa..~~Peace
Photo 1

The Bed

A view from different angle

A place where I resting myself after work

Here are some of the photos that I took for my accommodation during my outstation in Sibu. I stayed at TanahMas Hotel, Sibu. It's a 3 stars hotel and the location is very strategic as it's located in the middle of the city of Sibu. The services also very good and as for the food, it was really delicious.~~Peace~~
Lalalalala....No COmMeNT

ThE SinK

I took these pictures during my outstation to Sibu, Sarawak...Actually, I spotted this Reminder Board at Sibu's Central Market...A bit funny la for me...let say if some of the people there use to sell crocodile, buffalo, ostrich, Elephant and, you just imagine how's the Reminder Board will be wakakakaka....~~Peace Ahaksss...
Haiyaa..thanks god, now I have the chance to update my blog...huhu...Was sad these past few days..Well, you know lots of things that I need to settle down where at the other side, problems came like waves...duh!! What a world..If you already saw my previous post, for sure you know already where am I right at the moment..Now, I'm in Sibu..Going outstation for job purposes..I don't know actually how to say..Maybe this week no luck for me..troubles came hit me..again and again..aduii...mataina kita..ambal na katahanan ako yons...muahahaha...Oklah, let me put it in a simple way...Firstly, I felt sad cos my Laptop missing on Monday, this week on 23rd Of June 2008..It cost me thousands for that laptop but sadly missing on the day I should fly to Sibu..*bayangkanlah bah..tangahari mau terbang pi outstation, nah..pagi2 hilang laptop..all documents, Mp3, Photos (*Wink..*wink...) totally lost...huh..sigh**.Forget it then..Let me tell you about Sibu's trip this time...I started work on Tuesday...On that morning, I asked the taxi driver to send me to Sibu Medical Centre...suppose I need to ask him to send me to Rejang Medical Centre...haiyaaa...again problem....huh!!...So, mau tidak kana turun juga..Then, after the taxi left me, I suddenly remembered that I forgot to topup my mobile...*naahh...mataiii....waiting for almost 40 minutes to 1 hour to catch a taxi...So lucky when a taxi came by to send his customer to the Sibu Medical Centre..I ran for that taxi and asked him to send me to my office...So, he drove me to my office at the back of Rejang Medical Centre only....thats is the first day...The second day, this time I told the taxi driver to send me to Rejang Medical Centre...If I'm not mistaken I speak clearly already maahh...but then again, during the travel..I felt weird cos, I never seen this road before since I came....until we reached to a huge building..I think it is a musuem...hahahaha...Matiiiiiiiiii lah kalo hari2 cam gini....I need to pay more for that...bukan salah sa nga..tapi apa bulih buat...bagi ja lah....So, then goes to my 3rd day..this time I wrote it down in a piece of paper..a complete address of my office...I wrote it down while having my breakfast at the Hotel's Cafe...(The food very it very much though...hahaha..hilang sikit stress...lagi2 it's a buffet style...ngah ngah ngah...puasss hati makan banyak...)...After having my breakfast, I went to the lobby area and called for a taxi..For your information, here at TanahMas Hotel, Sibu, you can easily find a need to worry...After the taxi came, I gave him the address...Then the taxi's driver gave back that piece of paper to me..He said tolong baca.....WHAT!!!!!!!....hurmmm...sigh***** Luckily, he knew the address...huh!!...nasiblah..eventhough he can't read but at least he still got his good ears...hahahaa...oklah...will update again once I got the chance to update...see ya...~~Peace...
Sibu's Swan

Well u ols', again and again..I need to travel again to Sibu, Sarawak to complete few tasks. This time I will spend about 5 days...Huh!! Da**...What to do..job is still a job...*Makan gaji mimang gini...hehehe...My flight should be on 1.45pm, 23rd Of June 2008..I booked the Maswings Air Flight since Air Asia didn't provide flight to go there...When we talk about Maswings, sure it will referred to Fokker50...*Kapal tarabang borneo yang dulu2 bai nie....It will take almost 2 hours to reach at Sibu's airport...For that reason, this time I will bring some books to read during the flight...For your information, Sibu is not that big as KK City..ermm I can say, the similarity quite same like Tuaran's or Penampang's area...hurmm...but for sure these two places are much more happening than Sibu's City...hahaha...*opsss...sorry lah..terlebih sudah...khikhikih....Last but not least, we'll see how's my trip will be this time...I hope better than before.. Sigh~~...
Phar Lap died of arsenic poisoning

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP)—Forensic scientists say champion Australian gelding Phar Lap died of arsenic poisoning, solving a mystery that has intrigued the horse racing world for more than 75 years.

Phar Lap won 37 of his 51 starts before his death in mysterious circumstances at Menlo Park in California in April 1932. Days before his death, he won Mexico’s Agua Caliente Handicap, which was then the richest horse race in North America.

Arsenic poisoning has long been suspected as the cause of Phar Lap’s death, but confirmation had been lacking until Thursday when researchers Dr. Ivan Kempson of the University of South Australia and Dermot Henry, manager of Natural Science Collections at Museum Victoria, released the findings of their forensic investigation.

Kempson took six hairs from Phar Lap’s mane and analyzed them at the Advanced Photon Source Synchrotron in Chicago, finding that in the 40 hours before Phar Lap’s death the horse had ingested a massive dose of arsenic.

Phar Lap’s mounted hide is on display at the Melbourne Museum, while his heart is kept at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

“We can’t speculate where the arsenic came from, but it was easily accessible at the time,” Henry said.

Notebooks kept by Phar Lap’s handler Tommy Woodcock, obtained by Museum Victoria, show the horse was administered tonics and ointments containing both arsenic and strychnine. An accidental overdose has long been considered the likely cause of death.

Credits goes to Click Here

Bobby said :- Well, after years of investigations regarding the death of this Legendary Racing Horse, Phar Lap, Forensic Scientists finally confirmed that its death caused by Arsenic Poisoning. Hurmm...I've read some informations about this horse before. If I'm not mistaken few years before when I read my favourite Readers Digests Magazine. At least there's a conclusion and its better than nothing rite? the way..Live Life To The Fullest...huhuh...~~Peace~~

Ermm...ConFirmed that It WiLL bE My busY tiMe..huhuh

Well you all..nothing much I can say..It's all about my job..Huh!!!..(*macamlah bah orang lain teda kerja kan...hahaha)...ermm...actually, these few couple of months ahead, I will busy with my work..and i would like to say sorry in advance if affect some of my future activities which involving few of my friends...(*nampaknya..banyak aktiviti sa yang nda dpt sa join nie...hehehe...sedia2 minta kana tariak lai nie oleh kawan2...bah..abis sudah janji kan...hahaha)..Hope you all understand my situation then...Oklah, for the introduction of this mentioned are some of the info :-

23rd - 27th Of June 2008
I will be in Sibu (Server Implementation)

12th - 17th Of July 2008
I will be in Penang and Alor Setar (IT Training and HQ Visitation)

It seems my schedule really tight this year...*aduilahh...kurus karing lai nie...(*jap..sambahyang lu...minta2 badan sa jadi 6 pax cam Brad Pitt..hahaha..)..Owh by the way..that schedule is confirmed already as the Air Tickets already issued by our HR...huhuhu...

Hurmm...Good morning everyone..For god sake, today I woke up very early which I never did for the past few months...hahaha...I woke up at about 5.45am Malaysia's Time..I started my day with few slices of breads with Tuna inside...owh ya with a glass of fresh milk...thanks to my mom..she's so wonderful and always love her children...For your in my house suppose we have 7 family members including my parents..But due to life commitment..2 of my brothers need to move for job purpose and their commitments...and as you all know it before, my little sister still missing and till now we still didn't got any news regarding her disappearance..oklah...There are times where I just began the process of stripping down my life part by part. You take this whole big picture about your life and then start breaking them down one by one. Peeling the outer layers first; the image we portray to people, the clothes we wear and the stuff we buy to make us look good, to enable us to conform to society, or perhaps if we are adventurous enough we see how we can stand out in society. In a way that earns society’s respect. What the heck? I always ask myself about this..

Then I start tearing apart the inner parts, my inner circle. The inner circle of friends, inner circle of thoughts, stuff that really mean a lot to you. Memorable occasions, memories you cherish and even experiences you love. Notes people wrote to encourage you, things that friends spoke to you about and really impacted you. Yeah sure they built you up as a person. They shaped the way you look at the world now. And then this is where it always hits me the hardest. So are friends gonna be the only thing you hold on to forever? What happens when everyone moves on? Come on, am I gonna keep dwelling on the thoughts that remind me of the past happiness or am I gonna keep stepping out in faith and believe that God truly provides His grace one step at the time, at a level we can comprehend?

At the end of the day, all I always picture is just me standing before God. Coming to the realization that all that remains is God’s love and our relationship with Him. Earth will fade but His love will still remain. Just before you sink into that sorry emo state, you take one last glance and see that glimmer of hope. For the whole thinking process you replay those feelings of having the entire world crumble before your very tiny eyes. This is where I find desperation, this is where I know I need something real to hold on to prevent me from falling. And yet there’s only one place I know I can go...~~peace~~

Welcome to the year of the Rat

Element: Water Heading: North Color: Light Blue Yin/Yang: More Yin Chinese Name: SHU Meaning: Charm Sign Order: First Season: Winter Favorable Month: December
: Sagittarius Friend: Dragon, Monkey Foe: Horse

Positives: Charismatic, Affable, Intelligent, Sociable, Quick-witted, Popular
Negatives: Exploitive, Deviant, Calculated, Secretive, Greedy, Acquisitive
Famous Rats:
Diego Maradona, Lauren Bacall, Gene Kelly, Buddy Holly, Alan Alda, Charles Aznavour, Marlon Brando

The 5 types of Rat (Birthday - Type):
01/31/1900 to 02/18/1901 - METAL
02/18/1912 to 02/05/1913 - WATER
02/05/1924 to 01/24/1925 - WOOD
01/24/1936 to 02/10/1937 - FIRE
02/10/1948 to 01/28/1949 - EARTH
01/28/1960 to 02/14/1961 - METAL
02/15/1972 to 02/02/1973 - WATER
02/02/1984 to 02/19/1985 - WOOD----->wahh...I'm here worr...erkerekrek
02/19/1996 to 02/06/1997 - FIRE
02/07/2008 to 01/25/2009 - EARTH

My Horoscope today-16/06/2008
Cash matters hit the headlines again, but not necessarily in a positive way. If you’ve been a little extravagant, or if you’ve been ignoring your budget, then you’ll probably get a timely reminder today! If you address this, rather than pushing the matter to one side, you’ll feel a lot happier!

Bobby says : - Seemed I don't have any task to do this morning..Facing the monitor as early as I can..and It was about 8.00am in the morning..Doing my regular visits to my friend's blog and read this and that...hahaha...nothing special liao...huhuhuh..While open the google, I spotted this...horoscope's explanation and explanation in the year that we born....this web provides and tell us whom should we be friend and to whom should we be aware...hahaha..I tell you guys..after reviewed it, I found, most of the information 90% true worrr...try it yourself then...~~Peace~~
Trying to update my blog at Starbucks, Kuching International Airport

Snapped it for fun

These pictures took during my outstation trip to Kuching on 26th May - 29th May 2008..Now is 15th of June 2008...hahaha..late already to publish...but who cares...this is my blog...wakaka...well, the story goes like this..(I'm trying to remember again....hope I can remember lah...huhuh)..Actually, I went to the airport at about 8.00pm on 29th of May..My flight should be at about need to wait 2 hours..So, I decided to update my blog at the Starbucks..ermm...few things that I can say about this place..Firstly, the Mocha Ice Blended is too cost me about RM18.00...huh!!!...(Apa bulih buat...sudah order..terpaksa bayar....haha)...Secondly, the WiFi connection is too slow....(...I hate to use internet when the connection same like Dial-up's connection..)...So, as the result, I'm REGRET having drinks and sat at that Starbucks....hahaha..what to do...I can't update my blog at that time..cos, you know you will need to wait long to upload your, I cancel to update my blog and starting to open my YM...when it comes to chatting...time is not important anymore..thats what I observed before....(....Sa pun jadi mangsa YM juga bah..kakaka)...Time showed almost 9.45pm..and we should be informed to go to the mentioned Gate for boarding...but, announcement had been made...(*..maknanya..DELAY..kimbetsss...)'s delay again..edeiii....In the end, I reached at KKIA at about 11.30pm...So tired that time..and luckily, my dad was there and still waiting for me...hehehe..Thanks dad..(*apa lainie....hahahaha...apa bah sa mau kestau kamurang pun bingung..hahahah..apa2 pun...ini posting bulan Mei...terlambat publish bah...hehehe..siou lah..)...
MovinG oR BeinG AskEd To Move????...bla..bla..bla

Hello everyone..sorry for late update...been busy for past few days...Nothing to write today actually...owh ya..before that here I would like to thanks to everyone who helping me to spread the article about my youngest sister...*Kamuranglah kawan sajati sa bah...hehehe...oklah, by the way, this morning, again, I woke up a bit, go to office also late....hahaha...*apa bulih buat....hehehe...lambat tidur bah samalam...When I arrived at the office specifically at the lobby, the manager came and give me a piece of paper...huh!! usual I never felt guilty when I came late to the office...*napaitu arhhh...hahaha...When I took the paper, I saw its from our Management...*sa pun buat2 nda takajut lah....Then I read the content of that paper...owhhh...jeng..jeng...jeng....It is a Transfer Form from our HR...I saw who is the requester..and it is our Senior Section Manager from GIT (Group IT)....hurmmm...what ever lah...For your information, I've been transferred from IT Group to Marketing Group...but funny, I still hold the same position....hahahaha....So, I confussed..*Ini naik pangkat kah...Turun pangkat nie....jawatan sama nga...department saja tukar...odoiiiii hahahaha...People said..whateverlah...huhuhuhu...So, starting from 15/06/2008, I will be in Marketing Department as IT Technical Support A.k.A IT Executive....*urang bilang tiapa...asal kerja...hahaha..~peace~
Special Thanks to all my beloved friends

Here, I would like to thank everyone who really give their support to spread the news regarding my youngest sister's missing. Actually, I don't know how to thank to all of you and I think this post clarify how's my feeling. Last but not least, below are the names who post the news in their blog. Thanks again to everyone..Me and the rest of my family really appreciate to what you all did. May god bless you and your family~~Amin~~

Our thanks goes to :-

AnakJagung, Archie, Arteo, Bambangan, BudakHutan, Butia, Chegu Carol, dBos, Delasagos, Dogoes, Fredo, Gidong, Gurangak, Jean, JerryInc, Joey Ronald, KadusMama, KADUS MUSIC, Kupi, Lanun Laut, Leofantasia, Markie KADUS, Maung, Mell, Mesh, Mizal Khan, Pirut, Poowok, PS, Putera Rizal, Reno, Rozella, Shemah, Tajau, Tigerlilyborneo, Urangranau, Wel and those who keep "sms"ing and text me through mobile phone.

P/s :- Thank you so much my friends..

My youngest sister..I need all my friend's help now..

This is not jokes or what so ever...Now, I need all my friend's help to spread this article from New Sabah Times ( she is my youngest sister and till now we didn't heard any news or story from her...She is 17 years old this year and her height is almost 5 feets...It's nearly 1 year already since her missing. My youngest sister name is Hellena A. Hairy. Here I would like to seek help from the other bloggers to spread this article...I really need your help now..Me and our family just concerned about her safety..Last but not least, again I really hope that all of you can copy and re- post this article in your blog..~~May god bless all of you~~
Me in action...hahahha....kihoiiiiii....chayo...chayooo...

It was me..this picture took by Mesh during the Kaamatan celebration at Junior's house somewhere in Penampang..If I'm not mistaken it was on 7th of June 2008 night...The day before, Junior text me to come for his family's Kaamatan celebration at Kampung Pogun, Penampang...Oklah...this time I made myself to come there...When I reached there, I saw crowds are everywhere..Mesh welcomed me and Gidong and asked us to take our dinner first then join the crowds at Junior's house....well, after took our dinner, we then went to Junior's house..and it is just nearby...Inside there, few of well known members were also working on their meals...hahaha... (*tangah makan juga lah bah urang bilang...)...The best moment when I my turn to "Siop" our "Koubasanan "...hahaha....Please refer to my pic above....what do you think...?? *Ada gaya kah? muhehehehe....~~Peace~~
Close-up look of HASNULHADI BIN JAHAMIN....(*wahh...bisuk bofday dia...hehe...ini post surprise untuk dia..hehe)

Snapped it with flash...

This is the wallet...

I know all of you wondered why I post this wallet with the Identity Card on it...Oklah..let me tell all of you what was going on actually..On 7th of June 2008, after I took my lunch with some other friends (Mr. Fredo and the gangs huhuhu) at Peppermint, Asia City, I drove my car and on the way back to my home, I found this wallet on the road...hahaha...believe it or not...Yes, I found it on the road.(*actually dakat2 itu batas bunga bah yang di tangah jalan tu hahahah..That time I stopped my car when the trafic light became RED..)..I picked-up the wallet and try to look inside...then I found few cards inside...there got few bank cards, membership cards, Mastercard A.k.A Credit Card, Driving License Card and IC....huh...and for sure no cash inside..(*Jangan kamurang fikir sa yang ambil or singaja kasi tau teda cash di dalam cakap yang benar nie...hehehe)...I look at the IC and the name that written on it is HASNULHADI BIN JAHIMAN...I started to think what should I do with this wallet..I called Fredo, and asked him what should I do..he suggested me to send the wallet to the nearest Police Station...Yeah..I also thought the same thing...But then, I refused to send it to the Police Station...I followed my instinct...I tried to look for phone number inside the wallet...then I saw a piece of paper and written a phone number on it..It is 013859****....hehe..PNC maahhh...I picked up my phone and dialed the number...yes..its ringing....and a guy answered my call...then I intro myself..

Bobby : "Hello, saya bobby..Boleh saya tau dengan siapa saya bercakap"
Hasnulhadi : "saya Hadi"
Bobby :"Owh..that's great. Encik Hadi, saya ada jumpa satu wallet kepunyaan Encik Hadi. Maafkan saya sebab memeriksa wallet Encik Hadi..Tujuan saya adalah untuk menghubungi Encik Hadi berkenaan dengan wallet ini. Nasib baik sa nampak ada satu nombor telefon tertulis di atas satu kertas...(macam kertas pembayaran bila kita renew driving license kita bai tu kalo sa nda silap..."
Hasnulhadi : "Ya kah."
Bobby : "Ya. Sekarang Encik Hadi di mana? Saya mau hantar ini wallet Encik Hadi"
Hasnulhadi : "Saya sekarang di Terminal Bas Ranau."
Bobby : "Ok..saya datang dalam 20 minit"
Hasnuladi : "Ok"

After more than 20 minutes..(* janji 20 minit kaka...nga lebih sudah hahaaha)..I reached at the terminal that Hasnulhadi mentioned earlier...I called him and waited for few minutes..Then, suddenly I saw him went near to my car...I get out from the car and greet him.

Bobby :"Hello. Hasnulhadi kan?"
Hasnulhadi :"Ya."
Bobby :"Ini wallet Encik Hadi."
Hasnulhadi :"Terima Kasih banyak-banyak."
Bobby :"Bukan apa Encik Hadi, sa pernah mengalami keadaan begini dan sa berasa sangat susah hati dan telah bersusah payah untuk mengurus itu dan ini pasal kehilangan document2 seperti ini. Sa berfikir tentang pengalaman saya dan saya rasa perlu bagi saya untuk menyerahkan saja wallet Encik Hadi nie sendiri daripada hantar ke Balai Polis...Nanti banyak lagi mau urus."---->ada tokok tambah sikit supaya itu ayat bagus didingar hahaha
Hasnulhadi :"Yalah..betul juga..dan terima kasih lah.."

I chatted with him for awhile and even the rain became heavy, we still chatted...hahaha..from what he explained to me, his wallet lost in Tuaran (*sa jumpa di area KK..dekat itu trafik light jauh kana buang...) on the same day..and he supposed to fly back to KL in the afternoon as he will start working on Monday..Owh ya, he is a teacher somewhere in Cheras area..*Owh..rupanya ko Cikgu pula...Cikgu Hadi lah pulok hehehe...Jangan marah kio..gurau2... :P...Before we become wet, I asked permission to take leave hehehe..*hujan sudah bah...nanti basah kuyup lagi...hahaha...He then thank to me again and again...I just replied "it's ok, no problem"...On my way back home..I smiled along the way and felt satisfied cos I did the RIGHT THING....*wink*wink......

P/s : sa mau send sms sama si Hadi nie (*bisuk pagilah sa hantar..hehe..ehh malam juga..cos..bofday dia...haha)...suruh baca ini post..I really appreciated if he can give responses to this post...hehehe...we wait and see then...~peace..aramaitieee~~
Gath's Cake

From left :- Markie, Gogds, Ronney and *Sepa tu nama dia tu...lupa worr

The introduction for that nite (*putung kek bogia diorang)

Jason Jay in action (*owh...menyinggarung pla dia tu malam hehehe)

On the stage

PS---->with her glass and bottle hehehe

OK u ol's..these pictures also took by me..sorry for the low quality..My camera's setting run from the sorry...I used my Sony Cybershot (Digicam sija bah....hehhe)...Here I would like to inform that I will publish also all the members name...(*yang sa ingat lah kio....)..For those who came that night but I didn't put their name here, please leave your message in my Shoutbox...Thank you...

Names ---> Ps, Markie, Gogds, Bobby, Fredo, Abgsms, Nars, DJ Mark, Carllix, Gidong, Olumis, Lisa, Pirut, Barambang, Bambangan, Betcy, Clare Edwin Petrus, Danny F. Malinggi, Vincent Duan, Freddy, Ned, Harry, Lihing, LarryBoy, Lenz, Lung, Douglas, Kiuluman, Nicky, Yan, Ateng, Jack, Jason Jay, Ray, Terry and AMR Groups, Bosing
Harry, Fredo, Ned and Bobby (*itu parut sa kan...kamera trik kama tu...hahahaha)

Fredo sang "Naluri Lelaki" by Samsons

Cards Games (*kalo nda silap..dorang2 nie yang dapat kad yang warna mirah bai tu....)

A photo snapped of Fredo (*ehem..ehem..itu sipik mata..masiam sa kanal owh..lalalala)

Another shoot of Fredo

Nicky, Betcy and PS (*Si PS tukang singarung tu malam...hahahaha...)

Ateng (YAHAI) sang his own song

That green shirt is Vincent Duan and near him is Nicky

Our local artists-Fredo, Danny F. Malinggi and Vincent Duan

Larry Boy and LenZ also present on that nite...(*Jadikah...Au Perlu Pojelas...hahaha..*wink*wink)

From left : Barambang (*if I'm not mistaken lah), Bambangan and Pirut

This was one of the activities on that nite (*Dari sini bulih tau sepa logop...hahahaha)

Freddy sang "Lelaki Ini" by Anuar Zain

Gogds in action (*PS----->hurmmm....aktif-aktifkan diri anda...haha)

Jack Simon Bukag in action for Mr. Kaamatan....

This one is actually, ermmm...edeiiii forgot already the activity...but if I'm not mistaken, it need us to know the other people's name..if not...kena denda lorr....

All I can say here is, the KE Gaths was superb...I and my other fellow friends enjoy ourselves on that night..The activities also very fun and we enjoy a lots watching every activity that they've done...Owh ya...eventhough the weather was not so good, but hey....the gathering event flew good....Here at this event, I met lots of my friends...Some of them are our local artists and another few of them are my blogging friends...The KE Gath held at Pusakag Cafe (Dongonggon, Penampang), on 6th of June 2008...I was really losing my mind on that night..everything because of our "Koubasanan Tokou"'s drinks...hahahaha..well...I still remember those who gave me the "Lihing", "Montoku" and some other branded liquers...I think I'm speechless and I only can show you some of the pictures on that night...Please refer to my photos that I publish above..enjoy then...~~Peace Koubasanan Tokou~~