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Harry, Fredo, Ned and Bobby (*itu parut sa kan...kamera trik kama tu...hahahaha)

Fredo sang "Naluri Lelaki" by Samsons

Cards Games (*kalo nda silap..dorang2 nie yang dapat kad yang warna mirah bai tu....)

A photo snapped of Fredo (*ehem..ehem..itu sipik mata..masiam sa kanal owh..lalalala)

Another shoot of Fredo

Nicky, Betcy and PS (*Si PS tukang singarung tu malam...hahahaha...)

Ateng (YAHAI) sang his own song

That green shirt is Vincent Duan and near him is Nicky

Our local artists-Fredo, Danny F. Malinggi and Vincent Duan

Larry Boy and LenZ also present on that nite...(*Jadikah...Au Perlu Pojelas...hahaha..*wink*wink)

From left : Barambang (*if I'm not mistaken lah), Bambangan and Pirut

This was one of the activities on that nite (*Dari sini bulih tau sepa logop...hahahaha)

Freddy sang "Lelaki Ini" by Anuar Zain

Gogds in action (*PS----->hurmmm....aktif-aktifkan diri anda...haha)

Jack Simon Bukag in action for Mr. Kaamatan....

This one is actually, ermmm...edeiiii forgot already the activity...but if I'm not mistaken, it need us to know the other people's name..if not...kena denda lorr....

All I can say here is, the KE Gaths was superb...I and my other fellow friends enjoy ourselves on that night..The activities also very fun and we enjoy a lots watching every activity that they've done...Owh ya...eventhough the weather was not so good, but hey....the gathering event flew good....Here at this event, I met lots of my friends...Some of them are our local artists and another few of them are my blogging friends...The KE Gath held at Pusakag Cafe (Dongonggon, Penampang), on 6th of June 2008...I was really losing my mind on that night..everything because of our "Koubasanan Tokou"'s drinks...hahahaha..well...I still remember those who gave me the "Lihing", "Montoku" and some other branded liquers...I think I'm speechless and I only can show you some of the pictures on that night...Please refer to my photos that I publish above..enjoy then...~~Peace Koubasanan Tokou~~