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Gath's Cake

From left :- Markie, Gogds, Ronney and *Sepa tu nama dia tu...lupa worr

The introduction for that nite (*putung kek bogia diorang)

Jason Jay in action (*owh...menyinggarung pla dia tu malam hehehe)

On the stage

PS---->with her glass and bottle hehehe

OK u ol's..these pictures also took by me..sorry for the low quality..My camera's setting run from the alignment..so sorry...I used my Sony Cybershot (Digicam sija bah....hehhe)...Here I would like to inform that I will publish also all the members name...(*yang sa ingat lah kio....)..For those who came that night but I didn't put their name here, please leave your message in my Shoutbox...Thank you...

Names ---> Ps, Markie, Gogds, Bobby, Fredo, Abgsms, Nars, DJ Mark, Carllix, Gidong, Olumis, Lisa, Pirut, Barambang, Bambangan, Betcy, Clare Edwin Petrus, Danny F. Malinggi, Vincent Duan, Freddy, Ned, Harry, Lihing, LarryBoy, Lenz, Lung, Douglas, Kiuluman, Nicky, Yan, Ateng, Jack, Jason Jay, Ray, Terry and AMR Groups, Bosing