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It's just nice to see that..

Another shoot

Saw that clouds when I was in the washroom...hehehe

CCTV Server System that I need to re-configure its setting

Cables are everywhere...hahaha..*paning kapala kalo tinguk kini kabel...

Sorry for the late to post these pictures during my trip to Kuching on 26th May 2008 until 29th May 2008. Actually, after came back from outstation trip, normally I'll be too busy for the reports..What I'm trying to say here is I need to make full report for my job's outstation tasks..Well, this time, my trip to Kuching was more on job purposes...no excuse to escape cos I need to make sure everything is done before I leave this place...Yes I admit that, it was so stress that time..too tired..and felt like less of confidence..but at last, I managed to handle all those crappy things...hehe..ggod then..*edeiii..puji diri sondiri bah...hahah..Pictures above are some of the pictures that I took while doing my tasks...enjoy then...~~peace~~