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Welcome to the year of the Rat

Element: Water Heading: North Color: Light Blue Yin/Yang: More Yin Chinese Name: SHU Meaning: Charm Sign Order: First Season: Winter Favorable Month: December
: Sagittarius Friend: Dragon, Monkey Foe: Horse

Positives: Charismatic, Affable, Intelligent, Sociable, Quick-witted, Popular
Negatives: Exploitive, Deviant, Calculated, Secretive, Greedy, Acquisitive
Famous Rats:
Diego Maradona, Lauren Bacall, Gene Kelly, Buddy Holly, Alan Alda, Charles Aznavour, Marlon Brando

The 5 types of Rat (Birthday - Type):
01/31/1900 to 02/18/1901 - METAL
02/18/1912 to 02/05/1913 - WATER
02/05/1924 to 01/24/1925 - WOOD
01/24/1936 to 02/10/1937 - FIRE
02/10/1948 to 01/28/1949 - EARTH
01/28/1960 to 02/14/1961 - METAL
02/15/1972 to 02/02/1973 - WATER
02/02/1984 to 02/19/1985 - WOOD----->wahh...I'm here worr...erkerekrek
02/19/1996 to 02/06/1997 - FIRE
02/07/2008 to 01/25/2009 - EARTH

My Horoscope today-16/06/2008
Cash matters hit the headlines again, but not necessarily in a positive way. If you’ve been a little extravagant, or if you’ve been ignoring your budget, then you’ll probably get a timely reminder today! If you address this, rather than pushing the matter to one side, you’ll feel a lot happier!

Bobby says : - Seemed I don't have any task to do this morning..Facing the monitor as early as I can..and It was about 8.00am in the morning..Doing my regular visits to my friend's blog and read this and that...hahaha...nothing special liao...huhuhuh..While open the google, I spotted this...horoscope's explanation and explanation in the year that we born....this web provides and tell us about...to whom should we be friend and to whom should we be aware...hahaha..I tell you guys..after reviewed it, I found, most of the information 90% true worrr...try it yourself then...~~Peace~~