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Special Thanks to all my beloved friends

Here, I would like to thank everyone who really give their support to spread the news regarding my youngest sister's missing. Actually, I don't know how to thank to all of you and I think this post clarify how's my feeling. Last but not least, below are the names who post the news in their blog. Thanks again to everyone..Me and the rest of my family really appreciate to what you all did. May god bless you and your family~~Amin~~

Our thanks goes to :-

AnakJagung, Archie, Arteo, Bambangan, BudakHutan, Butia, Chegu Carol, dBos, Delasagos, Dogoes, Fredo, Gidong, Gurangak, Jean, JerryInc, Joey Ronald, KadusMama, KADUS MUSIC, Kupi, Lanun Laut, Leofantasia, Markie KADUS, Maung, Mell, Mesh, Mizal Khan, Pirut, Poowok, PS, Putera Rizal, Reno, Rozella, Shemah, Tajau, Tigerlilyborneo, Urangranau, Wel and those who keep "sms"ing and text me through mobile phone.

P/s :- Thank you so much my friends..