<< It WiLL Be My BuSy TiMe >>

Ermm...ConFirmed that It WiLL bE My busY tiMe..huhuh

Well you all..nothing much I can say..It's all about my job..Huh!!!..(*macamlah bah orang lain teda kerja kan...hahaha)...ermm...actually, these few couple of months ahead, I will busy with my work..and i would like to say sorry in advance if affect some of my future activities which involving few of my friends...(*nampaknya..banyak aktiviti sa yang nda dpt sa join nie...hehehe...sedia2 minta kana tariak lai nie oleh kawan2...bah..abis sudah janji kan...hahaha)..Hope you all understand my situation then...Oklah, for the introduction of this mentioned issue..here are some of the info :-

23rd - 27th Of June 2008
I will be in Sibu (Server Implementation)

12th - 17th Of July 2008
I will be in Penang and Alor Setar (IT Training and HQ Visitation)

It seems my schedule really tight this year...*aduilahh...kurus karing lai nie...(*jap..sambahyang lu...minta2 badan sa jadi 6 pax cam Brad Pitt..hahaha..)..Owh by the way..that schedule is confirmed already as the Air Tickets already issued by our HR...huhuhu...