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Me and Lumis at the deck..we're waiting for the Hornbills and monkeys to show off...

Whohooo....Half naked me...hahaha

Company that invite us to feel the jungle environment at Utan Borneo Paradise

Waterfall that 20 minutes walk from the camp area...

After the "Gotong-Royong" to move the sign board....

I was caught by Olumis...(*Sa kadapatan tidur awal..so, kana gambar sebagai bukti dii huhuhu)

I was so natural when singing hahaha...*Sa feeling bai tu..tulah sambil tinguk hutan time nyanyi

I don't know how's the rendition guys....hahaha..tulah sumbang ngeh ngeh ngeh

Lumis teaching me the lines...hehehe...*Siou kio, post time gia sa ikut caroling nie hehehe

Jungle trekking to the 1st waterfall...(*Sa tukang gambar nie....lallalalala....)

It was dinner time...Look at the Fried Fermented Fish...hahaha...Sadapppppp...

Witches of the night....

Whoohoo...It was a really great trip on 22nd Of November 2008 (Saturday)...Actually it was an un-planned trip hahaha...Yeah, I considered it like that...Supposed, we, the o2c family have our carol's practice at Jr's house but then again we changed the plan where we went to Utan Paradise Jungle Lodge somewhere at Kimanis-Keningau road...It was also a great time for us cos we met and mingle around with other group...hahaha...thanks to the friendly bunch of friends, Mr. Clement, Mr. Max, Mr. Jeff, Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Eddie, Mr. Inus and few of them...We had our photo shooting session, games (Men bunuh2 and tilik nasib hehehe)...and most memorable time was when we had our delicious dinner...It was a simple dinner but we had it like a five star meals...Some of the menus are fried fermented fish (Cooked by me hehehe), Cabbage with "Bilis" (Cooked by Lumis), BBQ (By Sumpit, Gidong, Jeff) and "Tuhau"...hahaha...very "Kampung2" style right...?? So, pictures above will give you some overview about this place...~~PeaCe and Enjoy....

*Credit goes to Olumis for the pictures...

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  1. Mcmmana mo pi sana Bobby? ada website kah dorang tue? apa aktiviti-altiviti yang bleh buat? air terjun dia kaw kaw ka? brapa kos semalam? ada dewan untuk beraktiviti kah?

    lol.... banyak soa sia nih.. bah bagi kontek gia, I thinking to bring my students there next sem If it suit.


  2. Dusun Aroma---->pakai karita pun buli and bas pun buli..Cost dia itu time kami dpt promotion so dalam RM20 satu urang utk satu malam...makanan bawa sendiri..ada kemudahan tmpt masak...dewan tiada tapi ada kawasan lapang yang cukup utk buat aktiviti, air terjun ada 3 tmpt..so buli pili mana yg disuka...alamat dia ini

    http://www.labopa.net & http://kinolosodonhomestay.labopa.net/index.html

  3. nah boby..kita minta foc la ni ma c clement...suma blog kita ada org interested mau p sana hehehe...kan3

  4. lumis---->ya bah....hehehe...kita bulih organize nie kan hehehehe

  5. bila ba kamu pigi ni. wah siuk oh.. nanti saya pigi la lain kali.

    saya mo buat 'discovery'

  6. they'll make a opening ceremony around February to March 2009.. After that, the same company will built a hut, etc.. with the same concept at Kg.Vidu, Tambunan.. :)

  7. Tanakwagu----->kami pi yang 22hb tu...satu malam jak kami di sono..tapi best....

    Pirut---->kawan, ko pigi kai tu opening hehehehe....jemput sa arhhh hehehe

  8. I want that t-shirt, BBKK! :-)


  9. Gallivanter---->If you really want it, you can confirm with me lah...hehehe...here is my email zaiejan@yahoo.com

  10. wah bestnyer, bila la dapat pegi ni

  11. Hi,

    Actualy I had been to this lodge and I really like it so much. By the way, do you have the address and the owner's phone number? because i am planning to go back there.