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This was the best shot that I took...too crowded at that time

In just few minutes, public made it so crowded

See that policeman...huhhuhuh..(*Pak Polisi mmbaakkk hahaha)

It was yesterday, where for the first time, I saw this kind of situation...Actually, I was on my way to City Mall to have my dinner on that night..On the way to the place that I mentioned just now, I saw too many crowds in front of F&N Sdn Bhd at Inanam..For your information, it's just few hundred meters from my office...huhuhu...At first, I thought maybe it was a crocodile or a big python that the publics were looking at... So I just ignored it and continued to drive...But, until I reached at the Giant Kolombong's traffic light, my instinct stopped me and I made a U-turn and went to the crowds again just want to know what was happening actually..I parked my car near the Maybank and started walking slowly to have a near look...Unlucky me cos, the policeman already marked the area wider...so, me and other viewers only can see from distance...I asked a man near to me.."Apaitu owh di sana" and the man replied me, "Ada mayat lelaki di sana"...When I heard "Mayat", I felt like a bit shocked...*takut pun ada...hahaa...I wondered why only at this time, then only people noticed about it...Why they didn't notice it when it still daylight...hurmmm....*confused...hahaha...without looking at the dead body, I drove my car and have my dinner at City Mall...This morning, I saw the news regarding the incident..The deceased was a Filipino and his family were looking for him for the past few hours before found by the public..and from the family statement, the deceased was reported to have "Sawan Babi"...*hurmmm....~~PeacE and ScarY :(

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  1. Good thing there were no mayat pics here... Suspen beb...

  2. shah----->bobby tak berani nak lihat or amik gambar....serammm sehhh hahaha