<< My NeW ViDeO ReCorDinG LaBeL >>

Well..everyone..this is my new Video Label for Video Recording...This one finalized already.

This picture is the color mode before I turn it into sketching..(Sorry..itu address blog sia..edit last minute bai tu..tulah sini teda sia letak...khihkihkih)

I'm using 4 items to develop this Label. For sure I downloaded it from the net and transformed it into 1 piece Label..

Huh..what do you all think about the design...hurmmm...please gimme some idea as I need ideas to make my Label more nice to look and a bit sophisticated...I just used 4 items to make this label and for my opinion it looks like very simple and not very satisfied about it. People, especially my friend, do give me a favor to give me some ideas....PLEASE....(Begging nie....)

P/s :------->Leo, gur, dogoes ma fredo wajib tu bagi idea...wakakakak