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This is chart flow about our position in my office

from left (front)-Mechellincoln, Jimmy, bobby (Sia bai tu), Yvonne, Cecilia and Juliana..Last year dinner at Oya Japanese Restaurant.

Today, our staffs and including me got an emergency call by KK Branch's Manager cum Person In Charge (PIC)...I arrived at the office at about 8.05am and Yvonne intercom me and told me that we will have discussion or emergency meeting at 9.00am. So, we (Me, Jimmy and Lincoln) asked each other regarding the purpose of this emergency meeting. So, after we had our breakfast, we then went to the office's conference room. We sat there and waited for Yvonne for few minutes. After that she came and greet us as usual. So, the introduction a bit "Wow" for us as she intro by saying that this meeting actually about her resignation matter. We felt shocked and "blurred"...Why and what happened? Everyone still cannot accept her decision. So, she explained everything from A to Z...(sighingggggg)...Yvonne put too many deeds for this company and why some clients and hq's treated her like this. I also felt angry and there was nothing I can do as I'm not in her department. But, we are in one branch and in one place...so, this matter should connected to us not only herself....whatlah....Actually me and Yvonne work in two different department. She work in Operation Department and I'm in Information Technology Department. Yvonne claimed that she need to faced lots of pressure since she work in this company. If I'm not mistaken, she will be 10 years service this year...She also said that her last day service should be on 6th Feb 2008... :( ..Everyone felt sad and don't know what to say..This is her decision and she said that she need to learn new thing also. She advice us not to stick in one place, go out and find another place where we can gained more and more life experience. Well, after this, they will be no manager who can understand us more..No manager can talk and laughing as usual anymore...huh...I'm sad....I also worried about myself cos there will be no person will help me to handle this and that....YVONNE LIEW YEN KHIM--->your leave put too many impact on us..please decide twice..I'm on behalf of other staff beg you...sob..sob..sob...

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  1. After 10 years??wow..maybe after thinking it million times baru lah she can decided. Maybe its good for her. Hey..its true what she said..dont stick to one place saja..

    I understand how she felt.

  2. yalooo jiej...i oso felt sad owh...after 10 years then it should hard for her to make this decision kan.....