<< OuT Of My JoB ScOPE >>

Okie...we have screw driver (philips), screw driver (Mata rata kalo malayu..inggeris sia tia tau....), and KIV (muahahaha....tia tau tia tau)

Here's the thing that I need to fix

Bread Toaster...huhuhu..(Jenama--->Pensonic and bukan Panasonic..so kalo rusak..cakap jak nda berkualiti...huahuahauhua)

This morning I was called to meet the Operation Department Manager. She asked for my help to fix company's bread toaster..huh...I just shut up my mouth and say "yes"...whatlah....what did I do..I must say "No" cos' that is not in my job scope...well...what to do..(Abis dia lawa bah...jadi nda perasan kali cakap ya....huhuhhuh)..So, I bring that thing to my own office and check the mechanism..I gained few information about the toaster and also asked the manager how's the toaster damaged.. She told me that the problem is only she can't pull down the panel switch..I tried it and yes..it won't stuck..huh...so, in my opinion, should be something broken already and that's why the panel switch cannot hang on. So, I opened the machine..huh..what a complicated small things..(Kicil2 pun susah butul mau buka....masiam mo hampas di lantai jak....)...Lastly, I managed to open it but my finger became "Merah-merah" already....So..I checked here and there but still cannot find the main problem..I put it aside, and slowly walked to my table. I adjust the aircond's temperature and sit on my chair....and the result is I CANNOT FIX THAT MACHINE AND THAT'S WHY I UPLOAD THIS....hehehe..in my mind..saying that THIS IS OUT OF MY JOB SCOPE....huhuhuh