<< WorKiNg On SunDay..DamN >>

It's me standing inside the PA System's room

Candid snapped by my colleague

Took this picture on that day..this is the middle row seats

This is the front row of the seats..

This is at the left side...

Last Sunday (6th of January 2008), I was called by my Director to attend a function at Tang Dynasty Hotel, KK. So, an order from my director which also bring the honour of our company name, I must attend this function..Well, yes I know it was Sunday and I should be at home to have my rest...huh...but, what to do rite? Job is still a job...at least I can earn extra money..ahaksss....So, my director ordered me to come early on that day..I reached there at about 11.30am..Before that, I picked up my colleague, Jimmy...after we reached at Wawasan Plaza, I decided to take my lunch before the function begins..So, we went to KFC as it is the fastest way we can have our lunch..It was in the afternoon and I ordered a dinner plate...hahahahah...what lah....So, after we finish our lunch, then we went to the Hotel's ballroom..there, everyone do their task..as for me, my task is only need to scout our CEO, Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin...ermmm...hahah..easy task dude..I just need to pick them up at Le Meridean Hotel..He came with his PA, Ms Anne...So, our function finish at about 6.30pm...but, problem for me cos, I need to wait Datuk and his PA to finish their discussion with our company's subsidiaries...so, wait and wait until 9.10pm...huh.....then I sent them back to Meridean Hotel and drive home slowly...I reached my home at about 10pm....what a day~~~~

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  1. you should just left them behind... wat lah...

  2. cannot worr swordbomber.....they are my boss...hehehe

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