<< ReD EyE AgaiN >>

Huh!! It happened again..*Sigh...*Sigh...My eye became red again..erghh.....All I can remembered these past few days was enjoying my holiday especially Christmas Eve...Got drunk a bit but not too much...*Wink*Wink....Owh ya, there was one time when my asthma came..I had a very bad cough..This should be the cause that my eye became red..Same like before but this time only occurred at my left eye...not both eyes like last time...I tried to hide my red eye from my mum..But you know until when I can hide it from her..So, when we had our dinner at home, she cought me..erghh!!! *Kantoi di situ....She said, "Misti ko batuk2 ni kan"..I just smiled to her...(*Apa lagi...pok..pek..pok...pek....hahaha)..No big deal...Kihoiii...~~PeaCe and Bobby bei nie hahahaha

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  1. alala...batuk yg teruk ja buli buat mata ko ngandung darah gitu tu bobby!..baik ko berenti/kurangkan merokok n berenti consume benda2 yg mudah buat ko batuk2...klu ko nda bepantang bahaya tu.

  2. arnabgumuk--->asthma bei tu punya pasal hehehe

    gregchai---->thanks bro