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Proof hehehe.....

These dishes only cost around Rm13.00

Kitchen's view from the customer seats

Front view from the road

Hello everyone, sorry for the lateness to update this blog kihkhihkihkhih...A bit busy for these few days..This time it's about a restaurant that I went somewhere in Sembulan (Kota Kinabalu) area....The restaurant didn't have any signboard's name...weird right??...Before I continue about this place, here, I would like to say thanks to my blog's reader for this information..One of my readers sent me an email regarding this place..(*Nama nda bulih kestau hahahaha..pasal dia malu dia bilang kahakahha..apa2 jaklah kawan hehehe...)..From the email, the person said that this restaurant present a very good food..ermm..and most important is, it also quote a good price for every meals...Sound interesting right?..So, as requested, I went to that place..At first it was really hard for me to find the restaurant cos it doesn't have any signboard...Then by following the map that "The Person" emailed to me, at last I found it..It just behind the "Mini Market" near the Sembulan-PTPL roundabout...So, for the dinner on that time, I ordered "Mushroom + Noodle Glass + Seafood" and "Sweet and Sour Fish"...and it only cost me around RM13.00...murah kan? hehehe...So, don't be late..go and try it yourself...~~PeaCe anD XmaS MooD is On....merry x'mas

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  1. sa slalu singgah sini beli breakfast, mimang murahhh :)

  2. Me hungry from reading this post! Arrghh!


  3. Dusun Aroma---->hahaha..yakah..di mana juga bah ko kerja nie DA hehehehe

    Gallivanter---->hahaahha...go and try it then bro.....

  4. hehe sy biasa jga p sini ni..mmg murah! itu sja la kdg2 kalu taim kamarau hati2 tu abuk la hehe

  5. seafood...seafood... SADAP nih!!

    mau cari ni tampat..

  6. Lumis---->wahhh..macam ramai yang tau nie hehehhe

    Sankai--->yes, very cheap one worrr

    Kuai----->mimang murah...hehehhe..sadap lagi derang masak tu ahakssss

  7. nyum3x..

    len kali kalau ada masa lebih skit buli pusing2 cari ni tmpt.

  8. cicak---->you should try there...hehehe..nda juga susah bai tu cari

  9. boby kctau sa di mana ba tempat dia niee...sa nokobis wooo baca ko punya blog tuu.....sadap niee..huhuhu......ba nanti kalau ada masa ko kctau sa la ahh.....apa gia no hp ko tuu...sa mo cari niee tempat ba.....tulung urang susah ba..

  10. Daone--->duiii..sinang jak pun tu cari di roundabout sembulan-PTPL bah hehehehe...sebelah kiri tu...hahahaha