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Ermm..who is that guy near me? hahaha...*sa lupa tanya nama dia itu malam...

Last few days, I joined a small gathering at Double Up Karaoke Lounge, Kolombong..It was superb and very enjoying nights..hahaha..You all can see the pics above..muahaha...At first, everyone trying to look calm and cool..Then when we had few jugs, seemed everybody enjoy themselves..As for me, I didn't drink much hehehe...(*Butul nie...bukti dia sa ambil gambar kan hahaha....)...The place a bit crowded but no big deal cos we had a good night hahaha..The funny things was when another group of people that near to our table also felt the enjoyable times with us...As for my best friend, Mr. Simon got a lottery when a women approached him for a drink (Pictures above)...hahaha...*Kotoh, sepa suruh pi manja2 sama itu perempuan hahahaha....Owh ya, the guy that in the photo with me..Here's the story, actually, on that night, we realized that this group of people were looking at our table..Me and our friend didn't know what was wrong with the group..We thought maybe there will be a fight during the drink session..HUH!!! WTF...haha..so my friend just being aware of that if let say suddenly happen...We just acted like normal...Until when the place want to close their premise, one of the member in that group came to our table..and give me a "Hi" greet...hahahha...The guy told me that another friend of them is look alike with me..Same size, wearing glass and cap...huh!!..I just smiled to that guy who approaced me...The guy then invite me to take photo with the person that he mentioned..haha..*sa senyum2 ja...time pi mija derang itu masa hahahaha....I met with the person..that looks like me, yes, he wore cap and glasses..same size but shorter than me...So, you all can see the person at my pictures above (1st picture)...*Samakah? nda bah kan? Kawan2 dia mabuk bai tu..tulah derang ingat sama jak rupa kami hahahaha.....~~PeaCe anD haVe a NiCe Day...

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  1. aik manada samapun..ko lg ensom haha..tu turus ko kambang

  2. Lumis---->itulah bah...sa heran napa derang ckp sama...KOMPOM derang mabuk....hahahahaha...bah malam lah...Cock and Bull kan hehehe

  3. haha.. bahaya tu macam.. hehe.. pok silap daa juga kunun lah kan?

  4. Pirut---->hahahahaha..adakah...sot*....bukan sumandak gia tu...kalo sumandak bulih pok silap dah nga..kusai ee hahahahahaa

  5. aiseymen boboy, sama ooooo.. tapi ko menang sikit bah, hensom gie dengan janggut ko hehe

  6. Dusun Aroma---->hahaha sama kah...edeiiiiii

  7. atukkkkkkkk!! 18sx kaini tompinai. Tapi inda apa, semua suda sukup umur. muaahhahhah..

  8. Cicak---->tompinai, hehehehe...begini lai nie tompinai, asal pi klabbing ada sija "Scene" dapan mata hahahahaa