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The signboard

It's me...

Fried bihun with seafood

Oyster with Egg..

Did you see the roof..? Actually it is a flexible/removable roof....

Some views in front of me...

Again and again..I had my dinner at another place..This time I choosed "Seri Selera Kg. Air", somewhere at Kg Air area...About the services, ermm...let me think first how was it during my visitation to this place..If you all have been to Pudu Raya Station Bus, the environment is look alike...hahaha...*Atukkk..punya men jauh perumpamaan sa kan sampai di KL punya area lagi hahahaha...oklah..it was like at "Pasar Malam Pilipin" in KK...You just sit and few peoples will approach you to promote their food...hahaha...Sometimes it's irritating right? hahaha...About the taste, it was good..So, to those who want to try it, go and try it yourself lah...huhuhu..~~PeaCe anD Now I'm MoodY... :P

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  1. bleh tahan lah ko bobby, hari hari momom di luar ahh.. zeles sia hehe.

    Kalau ko mau tau Bob, yang gerai gerai masak kueh tiaw sena luar di kawasan parking area tu kan, len=bih sadappppppppppp lagi tau masakan dia hehe

    Tapi ko tau lah, masak style hawker bah - 2 minit seja sudah siap :)

  2. Dusun Aroma---->yakah, parking sabalah mana owh....hehehe