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5 of it...hehehe...

This one made from steel..

This is the one that I love the most...

So, these are my beloved bamboo and steel flutes...

Hello again...My post this time is about my flutes..I believed that most of you didn't know that I can play flute...hehehe..*Yala, abis kamurang pun nda tanya hahahaha..FYI, I like few music instruments such as piano, flute, guitar, violin, saxophone and to name a few...Owh ya, off course I like to sing also...hehehe...This time I will review about my flutes only..I just started to learn and play this since 2001 until today..means almost 7 years already..I attended few training sessions which made by OMBAK (Orkestra Muzik Bambu Kiulu) and other more...The result was superb...hehe..My group also had performed in few places such as, Beaufort, Pitas, Keningau, KDCA, Hyatt, Sutera Harbour, UMS, Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka's Hall and few more...Cannot recall anymore..too many...As for me, I play flute as the main fluter in the group..hahaha..actually we had two main fluter..Both of us will perform in different way means sound 1 and sound 2...easy to say, first and second voice...hehehe..that's in singing terms...*Antam ja lah kan hahahaha...I really care my flutes same goes to my guitar hehe...and I love them like my own family.....~~PeaCe anD HavE a Nice Day huhuhu

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  1. hey bobie,
    if its not too much to ask, why don't you make a movie of you playing that bamboo flute and post it in your blog. I bet its nice to watch.

    I kinda love flutes myself. Although i don't know how to play one. But the sounds it makes are somewhat mesmerizing.


  2. sankai---->hi there...yes I will..but need to wait...hehhe..thanks for the idea

  3. bob, sia tau suda... next time kalau ko "on the stage" ko jan nyanyi... mo main tu flute... wekekekeke... baru sia tau ko buli pula main nie barang nie... Tahniah!!!

  4. markie---->haaha..tau sudah ko kan...kehkehkehkehkehe...

  5. wow!!diam2 ubi berisi plak kan??nda sangka aku ko ni musician!!kewl!!

  6. arnabgumuk---->you never ask me maahhh..tulah ko nda tau heheheheh :P

    Archie--->hahahha...biasa2 sija bah hehehehe....nda sampin juga main pun muahahahaa