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19th December 2008
Egypt Karaoke Lounge, Dongongon, Penampang

Caught by camerawoman hehehe

Bro Gee and Me..

From left : Gidong, Bro Gee, Me and Ollen (Sitting)

hahaha..Don't know what happened to Bro Gee and Jr...kihkhikhikhih..

Group Photo...

We posed for the CameraWoman (Thanks to Ms. Lumis hehehe...)

hahahha...ermmm...what can I say about this picture..??? Maybe Bro Gee trying to look brutal kihkihkhihkih

Mesh showed his best pose rkekrekrkere...lariiiiiiii

Smoking time huhuhu

No comment hahaha...

What we're looking at????....*Apa sudah kita tinguk sono tu Gee hehehe

19th December 2008 (After rockin' Egypt hehehe...)
Q-Ball, Dongongon, Penampang


This is what he will do if he's angry hahahahaha

Bobby in action muahahha

Me and Bro Gee....(*Bro Gee, jgn lupa your "handbag" warna hitam time mo balik nanti kio...nanti ko lupa tu ngah ngah ngah ngah....)

Just pretend to look cool....hahahha..padahal, naukan udah ieeee muahahaha

From left: Me, Lumis and Donna...

Don't know what happened to Gidong...*Gidong--->napa ko nangis hahahaha

Everybody moves..hehehe

It was us..hehe..*Sepa bai tu pi buat rabbit's ears tu dush dush dush....

Last two nights, we, the o2c Family had our enjoyable night together with a fellow blogger who just came from KL..Actually he is Sabahan also but working in Kuala Lumpur..He is Bro Gee and if I'm not mistaken he came from Sipitang..(Siou arhh bro kalo ada tersalah fakta...hahaha)..Before I met with Mr. Gee, we, o2c family had our gift exchange at Jr's house..the party was simple but everybody seemed enjoy themselves..You all can read the activity in o2c's blog....Ok, back to our story hahaha...After we finished everything at Jr's house, we then moved quickly to Egypt Karaoke Lounge at Dongongon Square..It was my first time to be there since they moved to a new lot...The place a bit small and packed but the interesting things are the price for 1 jug is only RM19.00..hahaha..very very cheap kan muahaha...and another more, their Microphone was good too...*Siok bah kalo mau nyanyi hahaha...Around 12 midnight, Bro Gee gave me a call saying that he is on his way to our location..kihkihkhikih...I never met this person before and only contacted him via sms, phone calls and internet ..So, officially it was our first time meeting each other on that night...On the other hand, Ms. Lumis also recognized him...hahaha..thanks god..*sinang hati sa cos ada juga o2c kanal dia...kihkihkhikhih....Bro Gee reached at our place around 12:30am..After met with him, I found that he is a very humble, friendly, happening and easy going type of person...muaahaha....*Aramaitiiieee...So, the rest of my story, I bet you all knew it already..Pictures above clarifies everything hahahha...~~PeaCe anD AramaitiEEEE...

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  1. nasib baik sy good girl tu malam kan daling hahahahahah.....

  2. tompok-->daling yaaaa....ko yang paling alim tu malam..hehehe...rugi ko hahahaa

  3. uih na~! kareoke sudah bah dia.

    Looks like u had a great time..


  4. wah so enjoy.. siapa bah tu kena makan selipar lolsss

  5. sankai---->yeah, we had a very nice one on hat night hehehehhe

    Archie---->hahahaha...si Mesh bai tu kihkihkhihkihkih

  6. Bobby..i met him Mr.Gee a day after kamurang mogs at one of our frens..haha...he told me about ur guys..hehe...

    better luck next time la ni..sia p pusakag semalam..jalan2 kijap sama kawan mau jumpa tu tauke..haha..

  7. wel--->hahahah yakah....ko di kk sudah pulak..uiks ko pi pusakag? napa nda bawa sa hahahahahha...jeng jeng jeng...len kali impom begia...kita kasi ramai2 hahaha

  8. wahhhhhhh.... good !!! tapi, yg ptg... God blessssss uuuuuuuuuuu alllllllllll!!!!!

    Merry Xmas tompinai!!!!

  9. Oh ni pulak kamurang punya kerja? Wah.,.sa Jeles dgn si G, balik balik Sabah ja, sudah kena invitation meginum...wargghhtttt..ko tidak membagi tau ah Bobby, malahan mengasi jeles...huhu!!!

  10. Pirut---->thanks bro, u too....merry xmas ya...god bless you and your family too..amen

    Kengkaru---->kotoh kotoh kajara...hehehe..sepa suruh nda balik kk....tiapa bah...next time your turn hehehehe