<< I wAs AmazEd >>

A dog was hit by a car...its partner standing near to it

With the love and for the sake of their relationship...this picture clarify everything

From the pose..we knew that this dog is trying to seek for some help

This unusual phenomenon attracts the crowds who use the same road..lots of people record this scene via their digicam and phone

So, guys...what do you think about the pictures that I've posted above??? Any idea? Is "True Love" exists? Well, different person, different thoughts rite?...Ahaksss.....anyway, I leave it with you guyss.....But, then again I do believed that LOVE is exists.....heheheheh.....

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  1. yeshhh pirut..amazing kan....itulah...love is really exists

  2. napa x htr p klinik?tgok sj):