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A visit to my cousin's land...He decided to build a rest house here...

That is my cousin..Working too hard to replace that zincs (Tapi dia sakap dia bikin sulap....doiiii..adakah)...

A view during the visit to Kampung Tombongon

Another view that I snapped during the visit...Feel like I'm at the summit...huhuhuhuh..It was so nice and....hurmm...I'm speechless..go and see it yourself...hahaha

On 30/12/2007, my cousin asking me to accompany him to look after his house (tapi dia panggil sulap...adakah...hahah)...so, there were 3 of us. It took us about 1 and half hours to reach there. For me, I like this kind of trip (masuk kampung keluar kampung.....)..well, I don't know why...I like to see new things, new culture, new attitude, meeting different people..hahaha...Is that weird?..well, it's up to you dude...who cares...huhuhuh..So, back to my main topic, we reached there at about bla..blaa..blaa...forgot already..First thing I saw when we arrived there was a Nona fruit...erm..I really don't know the fruit's name..But, if I'm not mistaken my dad planted it near to our house long time ago.So, should be the same stuff..huh....The taste a little bit like "Durian Belanda"....I don't know whether you know this "Durian Belanda" or not...hahaha

This is the fruit that I told you all just now :P

..After that, a person who working on to finish my cousin's house, invited 3 of us to go for an open house just nearby. Well, we agreed to have a visit then. We drove about 2 minutes to reached that place. There, I saw people are getting drunk with few different drinks. There were "lihing", "tapai", "Bahar" and off course Tiger and carlsberg cans.

Some of the guests "Naukan" already hahaha.

We enjoy the visit there for about 1 and a half hours again before we were invited to attend a wedding ceremony...(Aiyooo...masiam artis kan)..So, we drove again for about 40 minutes. After we arrived there, same situation or environment we saw like the first place...(sighed....takut sia mabuk bah...abis men paksa gia orang kasih minum sana..ahaksss)...

A picture taken at the wedding function

Here, at the 2nd place..we took about 1 hour before we asked for leave..It was really hard dude since most of them don't want us to go home to early..(Mimanglah bah nda suruh balik, abis bulum mabuk kan...hahaha)...So, when we reached home, it was dark already. I took my bath and slept until I lost my world.