<< Lady In ReD-MiSs CheOngSaM BeaUty PageaNt >>

Pose for Casual Wears..(adakah casual gini...heran owh)

She posed for CheongSam wears..

Some of the contestants that nite..

My cousin in the middle

It's me...while enjoying the competition...(cuci mata hahaha)

Last week on bla bla...(kah last last week..tia tau tia tau)..I went to Ras Ma Tazz to give support to my cousin who joined the beauty pageant competition. Huhh...aiyaaa...at first..I don't want to go but my aunt kept calling my cell phone..(tau tau keburingan da sia di umah..wakakak)..So, I asked my aunt to bring her digicam..cos mine one already lend to my cousin..he got something to do with his final year project...gudluck bro....So, both of us don't have digicam..then I asked gidong to come along to accompanied me and asked him to bring his digicam along with him....heheh..so, at least I have friend to evaluate all the contestants else than my aunt and my 2nd elder brother...That nite shows can say ok lah..cos..there was no "boom" for me....So, up there are some of the pictures on that nite...huhuhhu

p/s:------>thanks to Mr.Gidong for daa pics....