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First shot

Second shot

Last Sunday, me and my friend (Fredo lagi...hahah...sama jak bah post yang pasal dustbin tu bah..same day juga)..went to look few shirt at Centre Point Mall. So, we stopped at Villano to have a look for new arrival shirts, jeans, jackets and to name a few. So, he told me that there was a nice and good shirt at the display area...So, I followed him as I don't know which shirt he was talking about. The shirt should be from two styles but made in one piece. You can see it at the pictures above. I choosed brown colour and went to the fitting room to have a try...wow..after I put it on my body...wow..not bad bebeh...hahaha..(Bulih tahan...)..the price, if I'm not mistaken about RM49.00...ermm....bulihlah kan