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Well u ol's...Hurmm...After I judged and reviewed some of my life's journey..Now, I want to reveal more about myself, so that people out there know me more...This post also goes to AJIEJAH and CICAK (*both of them also our Sabahan bloggers...hehe)..I will consider this post as my reply to your "TAGS" last time...huhuhuhu...*men lama udah sa rasa kan....Oklah, let me continue what should I state over here...The secrets about myself begins~~~~~~muahahaha

Real Name : Mohd Idzhar Fadlullah A. Hairy Abdullah (* before was John Bin A. Hairy)
Date of Birth : 08th Of November 1984 (* year of RAT)
Status : Single
Age : * count yourself cos' I already stated my D.O.B
Place Of Birth : Kampung Keliangau Menggatal
Hometown : Kampung Sunsuron, Tambunan
Job : IT Support cum System Support (East Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines)
Favourite Colour/s : Green, Blue and White
Favourite Food/s : Ayam Masak Merah and any sweet and sour dish
Favourite Drink/s : Kitchai Ping, Lemon Tea Ice

Appearance Descriptions :-

Body type : Fat
Height : 166cm
Weight : 95kg (* baru kamarin sia pi timbang)
Hair : Black and maciam mau gugur2 dah rambut sa nie...heheh...ikut daddy sa mangkali..haha
Skin's Colour : Hitam Manis....sia rasalah
Else : I have fake tooth (* Satu sija arhh..and I still use it till now...hahaha..gara2 main takraw...khihkihkih....well, who cares), I like to smile, laughing and make jokes...and I do enjoy sports such as Badminton, Snooker, Bowling and to name a few...

So, u ol's, thats are a few details about myself....Wanna know more, don't shy to ask...I am what I am..I don't pretend to be better or someone else...If you have problem with it, its not my problem then...hahhaahhaha...Cos, for me...I applied honesty, loyalty and trustworthy in my daily life....

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  1. wah.. this is you bobby...and now we know you already. Great profile brother!!!

  2. hehe thanks bro....This is what I am...bah...hahaha

  3. Thanks Bobby for the post..hehe..take a long time to do it. Ini mesti berfikir panjang mau kasi post ka ndak ni..heheh..

    Thanks coz sharing ur details to us. Know what..1st thing yang buat me terkejut ialah ur NAME.. :) Betul ka tu bobby?heheh..bila bertukar nama tu?

    Banyak lagi yang mau korek rahsia mu ni tapi nanti lah, tanya senyap2 coz public nanti susah..heheh...shhh..

    Once again thanks..

  4. Bobss... bukan apalah tapi, emmm sy mo cakap ko memang berani hahahaha.....

  5. jiejah--->yeah...it was my name...lama dah tukar jiej....heheheeh...

    dogoes---->ya dogoes, I think no need to shame to tell people what you have or what so ever..just be proud of it...no human being perfect in this world bah......hehhe...I just Who I am bah.....