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Nothing much to say over here...I'm just speechless and a bit moody these past few days...I don't know where exactly the Moody's source came...When I think again and reviewed few things, I spotted a matter where I think it is my big problem..Oklah, let me write something about it..Back to January 2008, a closed family of mine (*Name and gender is censored...*sigh...) ... That person asking for my help to lend *that person* some money....is about RM1K + .....*That person promised me that I can get my money early of April's month...Today is 28th Of April 2008..So means almost 5 months already...But, when I ask about my money, "That Person" give me 1000 of reasons...Damn!! Saying this and that..giving too many excuses...Ehh hello, that is my money and its not a small amount...I think this is what made me so stressed...Last week I followed up this matter again with "That person" and promised me that will discuss about it on Monday which means today...This morning I sent a message for *That Person* and asking hows the discussion today.."That person" replied me that "That person" cannot make it today cos one of "That Person"s family admitted to the hospital....arghhhhhhhh...I'm fed up already...I need that money cos I need to settle few things...Due to this matter, some of my plan already inside the dustbin...I cannot do anything...I came to my mother and discussed about my problem..She replied me that maybe "That Person" cannot afford to pay me back cos they also got financial problem...Aduiilahhhh....So seems I need to wait like "Menunggu Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba" or "Seperti Menunggu Kucing Bertanduk"....*sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

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  1. kalau seperti ayam jantan bertelur pun buli juga tu By..Sebab ayam jantan ada kemungkinan akan bertelur juga..Emm very rare la..so harap2 tu dicked head akan bayar ko juga balik...relax kio..

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  3. Sian owhh ko bobby.. Same like me la, so easy to lend money to people but so hard to ask them to pay back..

    Last time I oso lend RM1000 to my friend but she pay me gradually.. Like RM250/ month or else RM100/mth should be okay ba daripada ko keep on waiting mcm ni ja..

    Tp ada juga tu pengalaman sa kasi pinjam duit tapi x bayar2 sampai sekarang.. Itu urang buat xtau jak lagi tu bila jumpa.. Biarlah...

    So next time, jan kasi pinjam duit sama urang yg x bole picaya..

  4. xigorx---->hahaha..dush dush...yaba..I hope "That person" will pay that money back to me..I don't care anymore this time

    FredDass--->well, its life...Even your closed family member buat gini kan....apa tidak bikin sakit hati...For sure, no more for next time

  5. hmmm...sya pernah kana juga macam nie...kana pinjam rm 1500...janji baya 1 bulan...trus 8 bulan baru kana bayar...

    tapi dalam masa bulan sya menunngu tu, mimang dia sengsara habis laaaaaa.....kereta dia sya kasi skretch tiap2 minggu...muahhahaa...kotoh!!!!

  6. leofantasia---->itulah bah..sa yang sangsara dii last2....edeiii...ngah tiapa...kalo ko skretch karita dia cara ko...cara sa ialah balik2 sms dia hari2 sampai jammed phone dia..and sampai dia mau gila.....huhuhuuh...I will do it ...I will....This time I don't care.....