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Battle of the Davids...

David Archuleta

David Cook

Yes...It will be the Final of American Idol tonight..The battle between two Davids...David Archuleta versus David Cook...It seems that this year David's name ruled this 7th Season of American Idol...These two contestants got their own style of singing and with different genre..Archuleta who is more on R&B and Melancholic voices and Cook who is more on Rock style of singing...It depends to the voter outside there to vote who will be the next American Idol..From my instinct, David Cook will win this competition...its only my instinct and it was really hard for me to follow this instinct since these two contestants are really superb...By the way, we'll see how it goes tonight...~~Peace~~

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  1. Anonymous

    no matter how talented these two Davids' are, only one will win but doesn't mean the other loses..

    In my opinion, Cook will do okay eventhough he comes at second place. All is well in life, I prefer Archuleta to win just because he's young and got all the time in his life to become the next american Idol. But that doesn't mean I don't want Cook to go Champion, I do.. but he is already (in my opinion) a star. :)

    I love david cook :) hugs

  2. sa rasa Toi akan menang...hehehe..jan la ko risau2 tu, sa rasa si DC akan menang...kalau tidak pun si JC..eh..mana2 ja lah..

  3. rizal---->hahaha...I prefer David Cook to win this competition...hehehe

    xigorx---->toi ka manang? hahahaha...kimbets ko sono...