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Having lunch first maa...me and Mr. Rizal

Met with some other friends from my friendster.com's lists..
Mr. Harith, Mr. Jack, Me and Mr. Tom A.k.A Carlixx

Huh!!...I put so much weight la I think....*Sigh..like brothers plak kan...hehehe

Candid...hahaha (*Rizal-*Me-*Din-*Chris)

Attracted to one of the pictures showed at the gallery..If I'm not mistaken, a picture of Paddy Field

Smile...A.k.A smiling fish...wakakaka

Sabahan Indiana Jones...kahkahkah..*unggaagaaa..*unggagaaaa

err...traditional dance by blaa..blaa...Dusun Ranau? Dusun Sook?

Traditional dance from Dusun people (Beaufort)

From left : Si Kinah, Si ondun and Si Rapak ---->*Wink..*Wink....mangkali lah..wakakaka

Edeiiii...sorry u ol's..I've been busy all these whiles and not enough time to type anything in my blog..By the way, here I've post few pictures taken during the Kaamatan Day at KDCA, Penampang. At the same time, a friend of mine who is a bruneian came to Sabah for his short vacation..His name is Mr. Rizal A.k.A Putera Rizal (Ada blog juga nie urang nie..hehe)..Been his friend for few years already..So, our activities a bit disappointed at first where we faced difficulties to find a budget hotel for him...(*Semua salah yang saturang nie...nda pi booking hotel awal2...lalalalalla....dush dush)...Drove my car almost 1 hour to seek any available room in any hotel, but, the result still disappointed..Luckily, another friend of mine call me and asked where's my location..I've explained him everything and asked him back whether got any place for my friend..He told me to wait and he will tried to ask help from the hotel that he stayed..Few minutes later...*keep bleeding..keep keep bleeding love--->my hp rang...hahaha..(*ringtone tu bah...Leona Lewis lagi bah..wakakaka..)...my friend called me back and said the hotel can provide one room for us...Yess....we got 1 available room..Standard Room with King Size Bed..hahahaha...thanks god..the price reduced to RM155.00 pernight..Normal price for that room actually about RM245.00 pernight...walau weh....hiks**..*discount kaw-kaw punya...ermm... what else to say here.......ok, I will post again for the next episode..hahaha..seems like an expansion of this post lah bah...So, enjoy the pictures above...~~~Peace...aramaitieeee bebeh