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wuyooo...haro sikulah kama...

hehehe..well well well..."Lorong John Gaisah lagi kan..hehe

Way to SK Sunsuron

In malay we called it "Tapak Semaian Padi"...

Middle of the Sunsuron's Road

Well, it wasn't a well-planned activity to visit my village at Sunsuron, Tambunan that day...I got called from Gidong asking me to join them (Arteo, Mesh and Jr) for a photoshoot at Kg Mongkusilad, Moyog, Penampang....Specifically at Mongkusilad's River...we spent our time for hours and had a great time among us...hahaha...you know it when you having fun and enjoying something with your closed friends..you guys so funny and so happening hahahaa...Here, I would like to say sorry to them cos, time was so limited on that day as I decided to go back to my hometown at Kampung Sunsuron, Tambunan without any planning..this is me...so unpredictable person...hahaha...*alang2, sudah dakat...so, I drove to there lah...hehehe..So, above are some of the photos that I took on the first day...enjoy it then..~~peace