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Sompoton and Seruling a.K.a Flute

Lister doing his best and same goes to Bobby (*bangai sa...hahaaha..)..blowing his "Sompoton"

From left :- Bentz, Chris, Wax and Peter

My gang, Chris and Peter...we are in one group as a Fluter...

Few days ago, one of my cousin gave me a called..He told me that we will be having big function on this coming August 2008..So, our Bamboo Orchestra has been invited to do a performance during that function...If I'm not mistaken, it will be "Malam Merdeka" which hold State Level...I think this one organized by KEMAS and GDW...ermm...whatever...hahaha..Actually we started to perform in front of the crowds since August 2001..So now its 2008..means our group is 7 years old already..too many sweet and bad experiences...Now, we are training very hard every week as the date is near to its line...I will publish more about our group as often as I can so that you all know hows the progress...By the way, its 12.14am..feel sleepy already...hehehe...gudnite everyone...~~peace..mmuaaahhh

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  1. bagusnya... pandai main seruling.. :)

  2. pirut---->hehe...sikit2 sija bai nie pandai main...hehehe