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Arlow everyone..I just came back from an outstation trip to Kota Marudu and Kudat. It was really tiring trip where I need to drive at least 3 hours minimum from my home. As you all know that this is the outstation month for me. Handling and doing such work really stress me up. As usual I can't complain as it is one of my job scope....*workaholic betul kan..apa-apa sijalah..

On Friday (05th Of Sept 2008), I joined my fellow best friend to hangout at Pusakag Cafe Lounge. I met my friends there and they're Tompok, Mesh, Junior, Gidong, Kupi, Smallville (Just Met) and Jane (Just met)..I didn't consider our clubbing night was superb, cos, for your information, I drunk badly, so the flows wasn't the same as before.I also met with some of my other friends such as, Robert, Lawrence, Gilbert, Ronald, Sylvia, Reno and Simon (Kawan satu kapala gila2 nie hehehe). We went back home at about 1.30a.m (If I'm not mistaken lah....)

The next morning another disaster for me. I should start my outstation trip as early as I can. Last night I decided to leave my home at about 8:00 am, but unfortunately, I was "Kogutan"...nah kau....terpaksa bergulung di katil until 12:00 noon...huhu...Driving when you are in "Kogutan"'s feel was really painful. It was so terrible. I forced myself to drive to Kota Marudu's small town. Yes, I managed reached there around 3:00pm in the afternoon. Huh!!..felt so good cos I managed to reached at Kota Marudu before 4:00pm. As planned, I did my job, check here and there and give a short briefing to our company's sites regarding the PC's stuffs.

After finished my job at Kota Marudu, I drove fastly to Kudat. I need to spend another 1 and a half hours again. Edeiiii...I told you, it was a very tiring journey. I reached Kudat around 5:00pm and check-in at Marina Golf Resort Hotel. Ermmm...what can I say or review about this hotel arhhh?....oklah, it was OK only hehehe....Fredo fetched me and brought me somewhere to have our dinner...(*siou lah gaman, sa panat sudah mau drive, so, I need your help lorrr....hehehe)...After we had our dinner, Fredo sent me back to the hotel and told me to clean-up myself cos we will be having "Drinking Session" with other friends...hahaha...

While waiting for Fredo to fetch me in my room, I took a fast nap...**Sempat laie sa mimpi2 hahaha....At about 8:30pm, Fredo called my mobile and said that he is waiting at the lobby area..So, I replied to him to wait me for few minutes.

We drove directly to a place where a bunch of our friends already waiting for us over there. Then the "Drinking Sessions" begins.......oklah..sa ngantuk owh....Seterusnya, sa malas mau elaborate....hahahaha...For sure, we ended the "Drinking Sessions" with 3 bottles of Chivas Regal 1 litre...oklah..Chau Cin Cau...~~~PeaCe