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I had Kuey Teow Goreng + Nasi Goreng + Bubur bilis at that morning

Buffet area

This is the reception counter

well...well..well....sorry for the late posting again..I'm always busy...busy...and busy...Yesterday I was in Tawau for 3 sites inspections...I stayed at King Park Hotel where I think its comfortable for me to sleep at that night...The weather was not so good where it was raining since morning...After I finished my job tasks, I hurried went back to my hotel to have a long rest before fly to Sandakan the next morning...

One thing I found about Tawau, its a heaven of food....(*ketara kan kuat makan hehehe...)..the food really cheap especially the seafood...*nyam...*nyamm....Tiredness really affected me too much..I didn't have enough energy to do things such as sight-seeing or shopping..I'm too tired bah.....Pictures above showed that some pictures that I took at King Park Hotel..

Oklah, I think I need to off now as the clock shows that it is 1:38 a.m....Last but not least, I will update again this early morning during the sahur time....now, I felt really tired and sleepy..ok then...gudnite and sweet dreams...~~PeaCe babe

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  1. eh, bukan time sahur pun makan ka? heran ow...la la la la

  2. xigorx----->still under medication maahhh...ada surat doktor and ubat...hahahah :p

  3. wah itu mee bah, mo dakat habis sudah baru ko ambil gambar..hihihi..btw, nasi goreng+mee goreng+bubur..wahhh berabis ko..tp klu sia pun mgkali habis juga. gondood mah sia..

  4. urangranau----->hehehe...samalah kita nie gondood hahaha