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What a lovely angle hehehe...

Another shoot from my HP..

Small cabin for the guests

Resting before swimming time...(*tompok napa ko sedih hahaha...)

O2C group....*tang *tang *Tang

A shoot by Junior's Canon EOS

A shoot by Lumis's DigiCam

I was freezing..The water so darn cold...

Start to swim...*palan2 kunu sa jalan...padahal takut terlicin hahaha

Photo snapped by Lumis...hehehe....

Last weekend, we, O2C group had a very wonderful activities where we went to Tambunan. The trip organized by our own and for sure it was fantastic. We, (Me, Mesh, Jr, Gidong, Lisa, Lumis, Tompok, West, Sumpit, Mamai, and Jason)..First place, we went to Tambunan's Mahua Waterfall...ermm..the water is so darn cold. The view is just ok lah...hahaha..what can I saw because it's just ok ok lorr....hahaha..Everyone enjoying their time here as for me, I really enjoyed myself...These pictures (Above) are some of the pics that we took on that day...Other pictures you all can see at O2C's member....~~PeaCe and SmiLe

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  1. bobby... bestnya mandi air terjun.. :) enjoy tengok gambar2 bobby letak dlm blog ni.

  2. Pic last saya yg ambil lah ngokkk

  3. gidong----->yakah...hahahaha....siou siou buss

    zaffvader------>hehehe...best kan...lawat2 lah selalu ye