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Me and Mimie (My first cousin)

Jack, me and Mimie

John, Jack, me and Mimie

Last night was a superb...hehe..I met few "facebookers" at Hunter's Pub and Karaoke Lounge..It was un-planned actually...hehe...(Always like this...in a sudden orang bilang....)..Me and Mimie, reached at Hunter around 9:00pm...While waiting for our friend, we met another friend of us..Hahaha..what else can I say..drinking session begins muaahhahahaha...We had 2 bottles of Malibu..One is coconut flavour and another one is pineapple flavour...Else than that we also had few jugs for the add on hahaha....Mataiii....kihkihkihkih...The rest of the story, I bet you all know it already..so, no need to story kahakhakha~~PeaCe aNd Naukannnn hehehe..

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  1. butod--->hahaha...apa macam, first kajon jugalah kan hehehee