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Mr. Safuan - http://safuanghazali.blogspot.com

Rules : State your 10 hobbies

1) I love singing - Yeah, I mean it..I really enjoyed myself when it turns to any event that more on singing activities

2) Sports - Ermm...Honestly, I don't have that athletic body looks, but, I do like sports..FYI, every Thursday I have Badminton match as my weekly sport routine.

3) What can I say about this, ermmm...I like to Cut my nails by using my mouth - Hahahaha..I think this habit started when I was still young..*Biasa lah bai tu time kicil2 gigit2 kuku kan muahahaha..But the problem is, this habit is happen till now...*sudah jadi kebiasaan bah...mataiina...

4) I like camping - This is one of my favrite activity..I still remember my first camping when I was 5 years old...Me and my dad and the rest of my family members (Uncles and cousins-Guys only) went to the jungle for hunting and camping.

5) Joking, Smiling and Laughing - Some say I am crazy cos I can suddenly smiling and laughing for no reasons...hahaha..Weird right? But, who cares, I smile and laugh off course because of something..I'm not a crazy person lahh....hahahah

6) Clubbing - I have this kind of habit and the worst thing (I considered it jugalah wekekeke...) is I don't like to stick at one place only. If can, I want to try new place and get to know hows the environment..Hurmmm..*Sigh *Sigh

7) Travelling - Yeahhh....I think this is my hobby too..

8) Cam Whoring - Hahahaha...I DON'T KNOW WHY I LIKE THIS...!!! Seiously, when lens focus on me, I will automatically give them a pose hahahaha...*Minta puji kan wekekeke

9) Eating - Whoohooo...this is the best hobby that I ever had...kahkahakha...For those who kept alerting with my blog, they will sure know it..I still remember my FIRST published blog few years ago..Inside it, most of the posting were about FOOD....*Patutlah nda pandai kurus2 kan...muahahaha

10) ??????? - ?????????????? (I TWEAKED THE RULES HAHAHHA..... Sorry to Safuan :P) I give chance to the others and my fellow readers, to STATE WHAT IS MY HOBBY FOR NUMBER 10!!!!!!


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  1. bah nanti sia buat ni tag tapi kasi can uncle Greg ah, slow skit ada karaja urgent, siap nanti sia buat, janji

  2. gregchai---->uncle...uiseyy..siap janji2 lagi tau kehkehekhekhe...bah...sa ingat tu arhhhh

  3. mimang minta puji tu numbur 8 tapi, kadang2 ia sangat2 bagus untuk urng2 yg mengambil gambar.. dia nda payah mau kasi tau ko macam mana mau bergaya depan kamera,... hehehe.. ko tau sudah sendiri... haha..

  4. Pirut--->hahahaha...tulah sa bilang...minta puji kan tu numbur 8 kan hahahahahha....

  5. mintak puji kan lagikk...

  6. Hey bro. thanks for the added and i added you to my blogroll as well, happy blogging and look forward to read more update on your blog...

    Have a nice day and cheers!

  7. Daniel Ng--->hi bro, thanks again...ya ya do come here regularly hehehe