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That was the transport they used to reach the place...Huh!!..

Hahaha..This was funny..my colleague forced herself to change her sandal to Japanese Slipper due to mud's trail....kihkihkih

Something attracted me..I like the tiles..Looks like a wood/bamboo tiles..

A view during the engagement

This lady always tried to take my attention...hahahaha...*Even time sa ambil video, dia silik2 juga bah wekekeke

"Ketua Kampung" from both side doing the discussion...The blue and and black shirt that sit on the sofa...

"Kusai" group a.K.a men group...

Last Monday (26th January 2008), I went to Kg Lingga, Tamparuli for Video Recording...Actually, it was an engagement ceremony for our office cleaner (Madam Juliana Torimoh) son, Mr. Pulujui (* Jangannnnnnnnnn kamurang katawa nama dia...wekekekkeke)....The journey a bit dissapointed where everything didn't stick to the schedule...(Tiapalah, it might be their first experience arranging for the engagement, I assumed..)..The road full with mud which forced my colleague to parked her car on the middle of the hill...Luckily, there was another 4-wheel car followed us behind..(*Apa lagi, terpaksa jadi mcm koboi, duduk di balakang cabin....hahahaha...)..Reached the place about 40 minutes from Tamparuli town...Duh!! *Sigh.....When we reached there, I saw few people already waiting for us...*Wahhh...ramai owh derang...Then the discussions began...I heard too many arguments and sometimes like they're shouting each other...huhuhuu...*Bahaya kedudukan nie...But, at last, they made the decision which bring the agreement for both side...Thanks to god...It was a very tiring day for me where I need to go everywhere (Around the house) to capture a good video..Sometimes the children so annoying...(*Adakah, time sa amik video derang pi tinguk2 and langgar sa....huh....!!!..)..But, as a videographer (*hehehe...bulih2 lah berkecimpung lama juga lah hahaha), these minor things already assumed...*Mimang nda sah kalo ko tidak kena mcm kana langgar budak, berpeluh, kepanatan and etc.....Trust me....hehehe..Oklah, I need to go now..will post some other things soon...chiow luk..~~PeaCE and May God BlesS All Of You

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  1. amacam sudag "Kedudukan" ko Bobby? haha.. ayat ko tu memang awesome (bukan Onsom ya)!

    Ko bilang jangan ketawa nama si
    Mr. Pulujui (* Jangannnnnnnnnn kamurang katawa nama dia...wekekekkeke) ko sendiri gia tu ketawa... sa pun mau join ketawa..

    :)) muahahah!

  2. kengkaru---->hahahha....ngam bai tu ayat kan...bayaya...kekekeke...Ya takatawa sendiri bah baca tu ayat sa hahahahaha

  3. wahaahaaaa nasib ko tidak mudah jatuh masa kana langar tu budak2 kan..kuat ni foundation ko hehe

  4. Qhris--->aikss...tinguk size begia hahahahhaa

  5. Anonymous

    duina perasaan c bobby kana silik2 gia...haha

  6. troyzz--->aikss...nie mcm kes DANGKI sudah nie wekkekekekee

  7. doi ni urang... pakamalu doho nasip nda nampak muka sa, sudahlah curi-curi ko ambil gambar, p publish lagi sini...anyway fyi tu solipar jipun harga dia RM 2.80, tu cina bilang tiada size ngam-ngam kaki sa, angkat sajalah coz darurat dah tu. sekarang jadi selipar kamar mandi :)

  8. doi.. ini urang pakamalu doho betul o... sudahlah curi-curi p gambar solipar jipun p publish lagi sini...