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Ping Ping -->Emon's Cousin

Ely (Emon's youngest sister) and Wita (*Kawan sa dari duuuuuuluuuu lagi)

Wita, Ping Ping and Ely...(Friendship never ends)

My close friend, Mr. Emon and Mr. Ronald...(Kawan2 batumbuk time secondary school....time main bola bah hehehehe)

Two close/best friend (*Derang nie dari kicil lagi sudah sama2...men bubud2, men tapuk2....hahahaha....neighbours bah diaorang nie)

Pictures above taken during our small gathering at Double Up Fun Pub, Kolombong...It was really fun when we (Close friends-Ping Ping, Emon, Ronald, Wita and Ely) met each other...Yes, I admit that sometimes I'm not around with them but I do still remember them...khikhihkhikhikih...*Susah jugakan kalo sudah bekerja..too busy and got few other things to do.....It was Friday night when they Emon called me....hehehe...unfortunately, I am free and available that night...So, this time I joined them and really had a fun night with them.....I hope our friendship will never end....Love you all~~PeaCe anD BobbY is Had A GreaT Day TodaY muaaKekekekeEE