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Me and Danjoe....

From left :- Kuai, Danjoe, Alvin (Infinatez), Me and Jimmy

Alvin, Danjoe, Kuai, Me, Jimmy and Gurangak

It is time to choose the BBKK shirts hehehe

Me and Jimmy on our way to the Air Asia Airport at Tanjung Aru

Last week, me and my colleague, Mr. Jimmy went to Air Asia Airport at Tanjung Aru....only one purpose, to take the BBKK shirts and meet with BBKK fellow friends...hehehe..That time, me and Jimmy arrived a bit early and waited them for about 10 minutes...Actually, my first time meeting with Mr. Alvin (Infinatez 's member-Gangstarz season 1)...One thing I found about Mr. Alvin, he is kinda friendly and easy going type of person...miahahaha...That time I bought 6 pairs of BBKK T-Shirts...huh!!..*Banyak kan hehehe....After, the "Jual-Beli" session, Me, Jimmy, Danjoe and Gurangak went to Tanjung Aru to take our lunch..So, we choosed Tanjung Aru Lama area..As for Mr. Alvin, he went to RTM with Kuai and Zie....After we had our lunch, we then straight ahead to Padang Bandaran to send Danjoe and Gurangak there..Actually, they were going to National Park on the same day..*Derang mau naik gunung beitu bisuk2 dia hehehe..Oklah, that's all for now hehe.....~~PeaCe anD Chau Cin ChoW...

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  1. Nice meeting you bro, lama lagi plak kamu lepak d pusakag tu mlm kan? Awal plak sy balik kan haiya..

  2. defoo--->ya...sampai tutup bah kami di sono hahahha..tulah ko balik awal hehehe