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Taraaa....Its me...hehehe....Just arrived at the office..

I choose this shirt for today's appearance...wait and see

Brown trouser should be match with my shirt I think...hahahaa

Most important stuff that I never left and forget, my laptop which I think used almost 24hours/day....*Huh!!! ahakssss...

Not forget to feed my "Tabung Panda" and use fragrance...hehehe...This time I use Versace

My Breakfast should be this one...hehehe....*Lebihan semalam bai nie pi Pizza kehkehekhe

This morning, I woke up around 5:40 a..m early in the morning...Wahhh....so surprised...kekhekhekehhe..I took my bath just after I woke up....Never scared the cold water cos we have water heater system...hahaha...After took my bath, I took my breakfast which is my extra Pizza Hut's pizza slices..Actually, I can't finish it last night when I went to City Mall Pizza Hut for dinner, so, I bring it back home and eat it as for my breakfast this morning......Then, time to go for work...hahaha...The shirt and trouser are as pictures above....Not much I want to say here today..a bit busy nowadays but as long as I update my blog, I think it should be ok already...Bye for Now and will update again soon..~~PeaCe from Bobby

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  1. Woii, one of my perfume is Versace too.. Wangi kan :)

  2. gurangak--->PALINGGGGGGGGG sa MALAS kalo urang ikut2 nie beli parfume Versace...ko arhhhh dush dush dush hahahahahahaha larikkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Haha... Hot and Delivery lagi Pizza Hut ko Bobby.. inda bangas kah?

  4. aik silaka. sa pun pakai juga ni versace. satu biji sama lagi tu dia punya butul. hehehe. tapak