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First time standing in front of volcano

Thanks to my friend for helping me to capture this pic

Waiting for my food..I ordered Mee Bakso again...hehehe

The place is so beautiful and the stuffs are very cheap..


Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, Indonesia

Alo...hehehe....did you all see the smoke at the volcano...heheh

Posed at Sierra Restaurant, Bandung

Bali Mixed Rice


A place where people are fan for the cookies and cakes...ermmm...My first time saw this environment

I bought "Pau Ayam"...While waiting my friend who want to buy medicine for me at the pharmacy

Apotek means pharmacy

hehehe....I don't know what the sign is all about...*Gw ga ngerti deh...

Some of the view...

Alohaaa....Pictures above are another photos that I took during my short vacation to Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia....Owhh ya, for your information, on the second day, I was sick.. I got flu and coughing a lot..Thanks again to my friend who bought the medicine for me at nearest "Apotek" a.K.a Pharmacy....hehe...After that, we checked out from Novotel Hotel and move to my friend's house...From what I know, the house is for their family who want to overnight at Bandung..thanks again...

The next day, I've the opportunity to visit the one and only "Tangkuban Perahu" place...I did post some of the photos during my visitation to "Tangkuban Perahu" above.....The journey only took less than 1 hour...So lucky cos we went there during weekdays and not weekend...From what I know, sometimes when it comes to weekend, "Tangkuban Perahu" area will be so crowded with tourists...At "Tangkuban Perahu", I've met few of Malaysian tourists who also visit there....It was so cold at "Tangkuban Perahu" and the clothes and some other stuffs like souvenier also have a quite cheap prices...I suggests to those who have opportunity to visit Bandung, don't forget to visit "Tangkuban Perahu" aswell...Its worth...huhuu..After finished our photo session at "Tangkuban Perahu", we, then straightly drove to Jakarta for another enjoying moments...TO BE CONTINUE..~~PeaCe

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  1. napa la ko nda tapau tue sport rim tuk sa..ko janji mo kasi beli sa sport rim suvenr dari jakarta..mana sport rim saaaaaa..tagih nie...wakakaka

  2. gee---->hohohoh...itu sport rim bukan 4 tu..derang jual..satu ja..kira bikin ganti rim kereta yang hilang/rosak satu bahagian ja hehehe